Important Phone Numbers Every Cat Owner Should Have


We all know how important it is to have emergency phone numbers listed in our smartphones.  But if you are a cat owner there are also some really important numbers you should always keep around.  Just like us humans, felines can run into trouble as well.  Below we are going to discuss several important numbers for your pet.

The first number is of course your local Vet’s phone number.  You never know when you might need to rush your animal to the Vet due to accident or illness.  You will need to let them know you are coming so that they can prepare for your cat’s arrival.

The second number that will come in very useful is the Home Again Emergency Medical Hotline.  If your feline had ran away but has been micro chipped, this 24 hour hotline can provide you with assistance.  The number is 888-4663-24246 and there may be a fee involved when calling.

The third number you should always have is the number of the closest animal hospital.  While your Vet’s office will probably be closed in the middle of the night, animal hospitals are not.  Many of them stay open 24 hours every day. Having access to this number might just mean saving your pet’s life.

The fourth number that is really important to have is the pet poison hotline. The number to this lifesaving phone number will give you guidance in case your kitty has eaten something that’s potentially harmful.  The number for the hotline does come with a fee but is a great way to find out some answers.  You can reach the hotline by dialing 800-213-6680.

The fifth and final number that everyone should have access to is the Emergency Disaster Information Line.  This hotline will provide you with up to the minute information about areas affected by natural disasters.  The number is hosted by the American Humane Association and is a great way to keep up on what is going on with relief efforts.  The number is 1-800-227-4645 and if you call you will always get to speak to a real person 24 hours a day.

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