10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Javanese


The world is filled with unique cat breeds. Some have evolved naturally over time and others have been created by breeders. If you’re a cat lover and you have a penchant for exotic breeds, the Javanese may be a breed that is worth looking into. Javanese cats are comparable to a siamese and have a unique appearance when compared to most other cat breeds. If you’re interested in learning more about this exotic cat breed, here are 10 interesting facts about the Javanese that you probably didn’t know. It might inspire you to find one to adopt.

1. The Javanese is a longhaired Siamese Cat

If you are a fan of Siamese Cats and you also love the look of a longhaired cat, you’re likely to love the Javanese. According to Cat Time, the Javanese is a variant of the Siamese cat, but with a few distinguishing features that set them apart. This breed has long hair, and it displays Colorpoint colors. It is a combination of breeding a Siamese cat with a Balinese cat.

2. The Javanese was recognized as an official breed but demoted a few years later

There was a time in history when the Javanese cat breed was recognized as a distinct cat breed. The Cat Fanciers Association made this proclamation granting the breed official recognition. However, the decision was overturned in 2008. They divided that the Javanese was more appropriately classified as a variation of the Balinese breed as well as the Siamese breed. The Javanese was demoted from its official status to a variant under the Siamese and Balinese classes.

3. The Javanese is a medium-sized cat

Cats come in all sizes and shapes from small to large. The Javanese land somewhere in the middle. It is a medium-sized cat. At full maturity, a Javanese can reach a weight between 5 to 10 pounds. The males are usually larger and heavier than the females.

4. When you shave a Siamese and a Javanese you can’t tell them apart

The Siamese and Javanese cats all look the same when you take off their coats. They are identical in shape and build. The only differences are the length of their coats and the color of the fur. This supports the wisdom of the decision to reclassify them as a variant of the Siamese and the Balinese.

5. Javanese cats are excellent companions

The Javanese cat has a friendly and loving personality. This breed tends to develop an intense fondness for its master and human family members. You must be prepared for help from them in your daily activities. A Javanese will follow you around the house and yard and show an interest in everything you do. This is an underfoot cat that likes to go with you everywhere, so be careful you don’t trip over him.

6. The Javanese is a lap cat

Javanese cats crave the attention of their human family members. Your Javanese would love for you to make him your lap cat. He will sit with you and give you love and affection. This cat loves to be scratched and patted. He thrives on the human touch and affection. He may even reward you with an occasional cat massage.

7. Javanese cats are smart

The Javanese is a highly intelligent breed. Your cat will learn quickly with positive reinforcement techniques. This makes them easy to toilet train when you start training from the time they are kittens. They do well with both box training or outdoor toileting. After you show them how it’s done a few times, they get it fairly quickly and are fast to adapt to the new habits.

8. Javanese cats are clean

One caution about the Javanese cat breed is that they require a clean litter box. This cat is meticulous about his bathroom hygiene, like most other cats. He does best when he is an indoor cat. If his litterbox becomes dirty, he may stop using it. To keep your Javanese from looking for cleaner spots to do his business, you must keep his litter box as spotless as possible. You should scoop out the clumps after every use and watch for signs of ammonia smell. If the litter box gets too stinky from urine odors, he will not want to use it because of his need for cleanliness. While this is a nice trait to have, it can keep you busy and vigilant over the condition of his litter box.

9. Javanese cats need weekly grooming

It’s not difficult to maintain your Javanese cat’s coat. He will need a little assistance. According to Purina, the Javanese is a moderate shedder. Because his coat is long, there is a tendency for him to develop tangles and mats. To avoid this, give him weekly grooming that includes brushing his fur to remove any tangles before they turn into mats and tags. This schedule will also help his coat to look its best. Your cat will do a great job of self-cleaning. Weekly brushing will help to reduce the need for self-grooming. Your cat won’t need to lick his fur as much. It may help to keep him from developing fur balls in his stomach.

10 It’s a good idea to keep your Javanese indoors

The Javanese cat is a beautiful cat that is easy on the eyes. Just the sight of Javanese signals that it is an exotic breed. As such, your cat will be at serious risk for abduction. Cat and dog thefts are on the rise, and the Javanese are exceptionally beautiful. You’ll fall in love with your Javanese. It is not worth taking the risk of something happening. A few other reasons for keeping your Javanese inside are the risks to his health and safety. It’s good to prevent contact with outdoor animals that could spread disease or possibly attack him.

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