10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ragdoll Cat


They are gorgeous cats, and that’s why people love the ragdoll so much. If people could find them more readily available for adoption, they’d probably be in just about every household in the country.

However, these are cats that are found more typically with breeders and they’re not inexpensive. This means that you have to go out, find a breeder, have the money on hand to purchase a cat and you have to know what to expect before you bring your new cat home.

One of the biggest issues many people have is the fact that they think they know what to expect from a ragdoll cat. After all, it’s just a cat, and all cats are the same, right? Wrong; all cats are not created equal.

You need to know what it is you are getting into before you bring one of these cats home, and we can tell you what that might be. Get ready to find out whether or not you have what it takes to raise a ragdoll cat of your own.

1. They like Dogs

Something you should know about the ragdoll before you make the decision to bring it home is that it does get along quite well with dogs. As to whether or not any dogs you might have at home will get along with your new ragdoll, we don’t know. However, if you have pets at home already or you will one day make the decision to add more to your family, this is a good cat for that.

2. They like Kids

Some cats are not very child-friendly. They don’t like the grabbing and the attention and the kind of scarily eager expressions kids adapt as they hurdle toward them with that look of determination on their faces. But that’s all right because these are cats that like kids. They have patience and they’re not likely to harm a child.

3. They Adapt

Whether you live on a farm with a huge farm house and a ton of land on which your cat can play and hunt and enjoy, or you live in a small studio apartment in the middle of the city, this is a cat that just does not care. It adapts well and it’s eager to please, so it’s going to do quite well in any home you provide for it.

4. They are Exceptionally Affectionate

If you want a cat that will leave you alone, this is not the breed for you. The ragdoll is an exceptionally affectionate breed that loves to sit on your lap, be near you and have your attention. It’s not going to hide when people are over, either. This cat is going to make its presence well known and it’s going to demand attention from anyone who will give it. This is a cat that loves affection and being very close to people.

5. They Shed

The issue with this cat is that even though it doesn’t have the long hair some breeds have, it is a cat that sheds. And it does shed often. You will not be able to stop this occurrence, either, which is sometimes an issue for people. You will need to find a way to keep the shedding to a minimum if you don’t want hair on everything, but might involve brushing the cat more often than you’d like.

6. They don’t like to be Alone

If you are the kind of person who wants a cat that will hang out at home and just relax while you’re out and about doing what you do best, this is not the cat for you. This breed is very affectionate and very friendly, and it wants to have someone around at all times. It wants to be loved. It wants to have company. Perhaps, if you do choose to go the route of a ragdoll, you should get two of them so that they always have company when you are not home, or when you just need to shower or something of that nature.

7. They’re Intelligent

This is a smart cat. It is going to learn very quickly what is acceptable and what is not. If you want the cat to behave and follow instructions, your best bet is to begin training the cat what  it can and cannot do right away. Do not slack, and be very consistent. If you don’t want the cat on the counters, you need to let it know this from the start. The more consistent you are, the more quickly the cat will learn it cannot treat you or the house in this manner.

8. They aren’t Lazy, but They’re Not Overly Energetic

The ragdoll is a cat with a medium-energy level. It’s not going to make you crazy running around the house all the time, but it does have some energy. It’s not the kind of cat that sleeps all day and lounges all night. It needs to have some fun, so you will want to keep some toys handy for this cat so that it has something to do to keep it entertained on a regular basis. Go ahead and get a cat tower for it to climb, and toys for it to chase around the house.

9. They Are Prone to Certain Health Issues

While the ragdoll is a generally healthy breed, it does have two breed-specific health issues you should learn as much as you can about. This is a breed known to suffer from a heart condition and bladder stones. It’s very important this cat sees the vet regularly for annual check-ups to ensure that it is growing up healthy and happy, and to make sure no health problems have presented themselves in the cat’s life.

10. They Don’t Require too Much Grooming

If you want to keep this cat in tip top shape, you need only brush its coat twice a week. This will keep it shiny, healthy and free of mats. However, you will want to take the cat to the groomer every few months to ensure that it is being kept up correctly and to remove mats, trim the coat and take care of basic necessities.

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