How Can you Get Your Cat to Like You More?

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Some new cat owners are having difficulty communicating with their new pet.  These new owners often wonder how they can get their cats to like them more.  Obviously, cats and human languages are different and in order to communicate well you’re your new pet, you need to learn and understand cat language.

Humans prefer to look at others direct in the eye.  An eye to eye contact is very important to humans especially when you meet new people.  Also, people who like each other used this method to express their feelings of fondness towards each other.  But in cats’ world, this kind of language has a whole different meaning.  Unlike humans, felines don’t like to be looked in the eyes.  Cats consider this action to be an aggressive one.  It’s like asking them for a fight.  So try not to look at your new pet directly in the eyes until you know them well.

Petting a feline that you just got or are not close with is also something that cats dislike.  These animals interpret this action as an offensive act.  It’s like giving a stranger you meet on the road a hug, which could really startle someone.

So how are you going to bond with your new pet?  It’s simple you have to take things easy.  Blink slowly and lay down a little closer to your feline but don’t look at her eyes directly.  Relax and turn to your cat’s face slowly.  In case your cat turns away, close your eyes and make a scrunch face and open your eyes slowly.  Your feline will turn away a lot of times but he or she will get used to it and will do the same thing.

When it comes to petting your new feline you need to pay attention to their body language.  For example, you are petting your new furry friend and you see their tail twitched, you might want to back off a little bit because you’re not doing the right thing.  This body language of a cat is telling you to get your hands off of their body unless you know their weak spot.

Always remember that our language is not their language.  So don’t use it on your feline friends or else you will have a hard time bonding with them.

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