Norwegian Forest Cats: Born Hunters but Loving Pets


Norwegian Forest Cats are very impressive animals and if you have ever seen one in person, you will definitely remember it.  Native to Northern Europe, these beautiful felines are one of the world’s most impressive breeds.  Considered a natural breed, these animals have been around for hundreds of years. During World War II, Norwegian Forest Cats were almost wiped off from the face of the earth because of famine.  But luckily these beautiful animals were saved by a group of wise thinking conservationists.  Now this breed is flourishing and is very popular in places like Norway and Sweden.

What Characteristics Does These Animals Posses?

Built to handle extreme cold, these animals have strong sturdy body’s that are large in size.  A waterproof outer coat keeps this animal warm even in the dead of winter. They also have wool like inner coat that also helps to keep the cold out and the body heat in. A long head is considered standard with this breed, and if the offspring comes out with a rounded head it is thought of as a defect in the animal’s DNA.  This animal must also be born with a strong chin and a medium muzzle length.  An ear full of hair is a common trait of this animal and it helps to keep the cold out especially when walking in deep snow. These felines come in a wide range of colors and color patterns which make it a truly diverse breed.

What About Temperament? Are These Felines Playful or Laid Back?

Many people that own these animals will tell you that they are a pleasure to be around.  Good with people, these felines will give their owners lots of love and affection.  Born hunters, these cats are bold and very intelligent.  They are very good climbers so make sure to give them plenty of room to play or they just might end up on top of your dresser or refrigerator. Very energetic animals, they love to go outdoors but needs to be supervised just like any feline would.  While some people keep these animals as outdoor pets, if you live near a busy road or a neighborhood with lots of dogs, keeping them outside all the time isn’t recommended. These animals love attention and will try to steal it away from you with force.  So make sure that if you purchase one of these animals that you have lots of time to spend with them.

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