10 Cat Breeds if You Have a Very Active Home


Being part of a busy family, a big family or a loud and rambunctious family can be a bit intimidating to some. But it can also be a lot of fun. And just like not all people are equipped to handle a very active and kind of crazy home life, not all cats are able to do this either. This means that adding a cat to your already crazy broad is going to require some careful consideration and thinking. After all, you don’t want to bring home a cat that’s going to end up terrified of your home and your people, so you should know which cat breeds are good for busy, active households.

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This is an interesting cat that I’m willing to bet many people have never heard of. It’s not because the breed is not popular, but it’s not as common as some of the other breeds on this list. However, this breed is one that does quite well with large, loud families. Your active household is not going to intimidate this breed, and it’s also one that is fine to be left on its own while you take care of your active, busy family. It’s a good cat for families because it’s not one that you have to worry about too much.

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Abyssinian kitten


This is a gorgeous cat, and it’s also great for families. It doesn’t have a problem with any kind of person, but it will do really well with a busy family. It’s a playful cat that loves attention and loves to play, and it’s one that will be a little bit naughty in that you can expect it to attack you with love from a shelf as you walk by or swat at you from a bench before you realize he is even around. This is a very sweet breed that loves people.

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The cat that’s known as being hairless is one that you will just adore to have at home. This is a people cat all the way. It loves people. It loves attention, and it loves everything to do with you. It is a fun cat. It likes to talk to you, it likes to preen and show off, and it has no idea it has no hair and most people assume it’s really ugly before they get to know what a great personality this breed actually has.

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Siamese Cats

This breed is a bit exotic and exciting, and it loves people. Some people say that theirs is a cat that’s fine with being alone, but that it’s also a cat that loves a good active party. This means your cat is going to adore the number of people in your house, the activity that always seems to happen and the fact that you can just have a good time with this cat present. We love the concept, and it’s a fun cat to have around an active house.

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scottish fold

Scottish Fold

It’s small, has the most adorable ears, and it has the best personality. These cars are often described like people in that they love attention, they love when people look at them, and they hate when things do not go their way. This is a cat that just cannot handle the idea of things not going their way, and it’s one that you can count on when you need a good laugh.

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They’re very active cats that love to play and be a little wild. They’re big jumpers, they’re big on affection, and they love to be the center of attention. This is not a cat that’s going to shy away from being part of the action, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about in your busy, active family. This is a cat that’s happy to make itself at home and do what it needs to do to be part of a big home.

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Gorgeous is what you can use to describe this cat. It’s beautiful, playful, and fun. This cat is a lot like a kitten, even when grown up. Its playful nature makes it a great family cat, especially if your family is one that makes a lot of noise and always has a lot going on. Some people assume that because it looks so sweet and innocent that it cannot be around people who are loud and overbearing, but those people might just be this cat’s favorite kind of people.

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american shorthair

American Shorthair

This is sort of the “American” cat and not just because it has the name of this great country right in its own name. This cat is a typical cat, and it is the kind of cat that is just everywhere all over the country. It’s friendly and playful, it doesn’t mind a lot of noise, and it’s just a fun cat to have at home. It’s one you will appreciate having with small kids since it’s patient and not really aggressive, and it’s very gentle with you. It does love affection and it’s such a lap cat.

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This cat might seem like it would be the kind of cat that is a bit high-maintenance, but it’s not. Just because it’s beautiful and has a gorgeous coat does not make it a snob. This cat loves attention, and it loves people. It wants you near it, and it wants your love. It wants to have a fan club, so a busy, active, big family is going to provide this breed with everything that it has been looking for its entire life in a household.

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maine coon

Maine Coon

This is a huge cat, but it’s a fun one. How can you not love a cat with a ruff like a lion and the personality of Miss America? This cat loves attention, loves to play and loves to be anywhere in which people are present. This is what makes it the perfect breed for a busy household. They’re great to play on their own, but they prefer people and they are not intimidated by large crowds and a lot of noise, which is ideal for active families.

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