Watch This TikTok of a Cat Who Helps Get Keys Back


A video that shows a kitten helping to retrieve keys from a hole in a wall has gone viral on Tik-Tok and Reddit. Tik-Tok user Luhmeira7 posted the video on the social media site with the caption ‘If I hadn’t filmed this no-one would have believed it’. It had received 40,000 views by the time it was shared on Reddit. More details about how the cat saved day can be found below.

The Keys Are Stuck Down A Hole

The video begins with the phone being held over a hole, where a set of keys can be seen inside. Luh explains in the video that her son has dropped the keys down a hole in the curb while he was playing outside. As she started filming the video her son tries to reach in, but even though his hands are small, they are too big for the hole. A few attempts are made to try and reach in to find the keys, but none are successful. Luh then tells her son to stop trying because she is worried that his hands will become stuck. She can see immediately that she is not going to be able to reach in and get them herself.

They Try And Retreive Them With A Stick

Luh and her son then use a stick to try and get the keys out of the hole. It looks like they are trying to loop the key ring onto the end of the stick, but there is not a lot of room for manoeuvre. Again, this is a technique which is tried for several attempts, but this does not prove to be successful either. According to the The Animal Rescue Site, all the stick did was attract the attention of a local cat. While Luh was still trying to use the stick to get the keys out, they were approached by a black cat who seemed to be interested in what was going on. The cat did look familiar to Luh, but at first she did not pay it too much attention because she was focusing on the problem of the keys being stuck and she was trying to think of another way that she may be able to get them out.


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The Cat Is Not That Helpful At First

At first the cat just wanted to play with the stick. You can see on the video that he is tries to grab hold of it every time someone tries to place it down the hole. At this point of the video, the cat is actually making the task more difficult. Luh told The Dodo that at first she really thought that the cat just wanted to play. He must have thought that it was a game that Luh and her son were playing with him, and he can be seen trying to bite the stick. Everytime they try to get the stick in the hole, the cat is there, preventing access. There still looked to be no way of getting the keys out of the hole and the situation was starting to look hopeless.

At The End Of The Video The Cat Saves The Day

Towards the end of the video, the cat can be seen putting his paws down the hole. It is almost as if he finally realizes what Luh and her son are trying to do. She was able to help him along with some gentle encouragement. When she saw him put his paw in the hole, then she wondered if he would be able to get them out. She thought about how much cats usually like reaching into a fish bowl, and it occurred to her that this was a similar situation. It takes him a couple of attempts but then he does actually manage to life the keys with his paw. Unfortunately, he then drops them back down the hole. However, on the next attempt he knows exactly what he need to do. He fishes the keys out again and this time the Luh is able to take them off him before they fall. The cat has saved the day! The last shot of the video was a cute photo of Luh’s son and the cat together near the curb where the keys were lost. This photo sums up the happy ending that this story has. The keys were retrieved and a new bond has formed between Luh, her son and the cat.

Luh Had To Reassure Her Followers That The Cat Was Not A Stray

MSN explains that some people who watched the video were worried that the cat was a stray who was not being looked after. However, she was quick to reassure her followers that the was not a stray, but instead a well-loved cat who was owned by one of her neighbors in the apartment complex in Brazil where she lives with her son. The cat is named Pantera and has become something of a legend in their neighborhood since the video was posted. He has also received gifts from Luh herself, who at one point did think that she would never get her keys back. He has been described as a friendly cat who is popular with people who live locally. He loves the attention that he gets, particularly from children. It is likely that Luh has gained some new followers on Tik-Tok since the video went viral, and that these followers are going to want to see updates about how Pantera is getting on. There is nothing worse than the feeling when you can’t find your keys. It is even more frustrating when you can actually see your keys but there is nothing you can do to reach them. When Luh Meira found herself in this position, she probably envisaged having to call on a locksmith to get her out of it. Thankfully, Pantera was able to step on and offer some assistance. Her son has also probably learned his lesson about playing with his mom’s keys as there is no guarantee that there will be a cat nearby if it happened again.

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