What you Need to Know about The American Bobtail

American Bobtail

If you have ever seen an American Bobtail cat before, you would have surely remembered the experience.  These felines are very different looking that most cat breeds.  Their almost wild look is what makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.  Many people used to believe that these cats where the result of breeding a domestic cat and a wild American bobcat.  But this is just a misconception and most people don’t believe this was ever true. These cats are simply the result of cross breeding a short-tailed brown tabby with a Siamese, which created the first American Bobtail.  It was first recognized as a standard breed in the year 1989.

These Cats Are Very Smart Animals and Can Get Into Trouble

Because these cats are so smart they often get into trouble with their owners.  If left unattended for a long time they will get bored and have been known to escape.  There have been numerous reports about these cats opening closed doors and even latched cages.  While this can seem cute when you catch them doing it, it can be very dangerous for the animal.  There are many dangers in the outside world for cats and if your beloved pet sneaks out while you are not home, tragedy could strike.  So take extra care in locking the door before stepping out, if you own one of these smart animals. You might even want to have someone come over during the day while you are at work to check on these animals.

What About Health Problems? Are There Things I Need to Know?

One of the most common problems these animals face is spinal issues.  While it’s unclear why this breed has issues with the spine, it might be due to the fact that they have very short tails and balance is harder to maintain. These issues cause the cats to have uncontrolled defecation which can cause problems in the home.  Remember to have your cat x-rayed when you first purchase the animal.  Another issue that is common is obesity.  These cats are active animals but sometime they have a tendency to lie around the house too much.  So make sure your animal gets plenty of rest and if you notice they are putting on extra pound it’s a wise move to limit their food intake. Overall, these cats are very healthy animals and they will live long and healthy lives if given the proper care.

Image via gazeronly at Flickr.com

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