Why Every Kid Needs a Devon Rex as a Pet

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Kids love animals, and cats are especially fun to own. The Devon Rex, perhaps, is one of the most amazing little cats in the world, and it’s perfect for any child. This cat is kind of like an elf. It’s small with a really little face and gigantic ears, and just looking at the breed is enough to make you want to giggle. We’re not being mean or hateful; just honest. Kids love this breed because the Devon Rex is not only fun to look at, but fun to play with and have around the house. It’s one of the most playful cats in the world, it’s not at all standoff-ish or ‘snooty’ as some cats develop a reputation for behaving. The Devon Rex is just plain old fun and enjoyable.

Since Christmas is coming up, and then Valentine’s Day, and then – at some point – your children’s birthdays (what, it’s almost a New Year, which means you get to start all over on those things), we think you should consider giving the gift of a longtime companion and friend to your kids. Hey, it’s better than the puppy they want that you just know you’re not ready for, and you also know you’re going to have to find time to train, walk, feed, bathe, clean up after and deal with when it’s time to travel with the family (we love dogs, we do, but if you’re not really wanting to deal with that stuff, it’s a bad idea to get one).

If you’re not convinced the Devon Rex is the right cat for your family, let us help convince you that this cat will add so much to your life that you’re never going to want to be without its presence. Here are just a few reasons your kids will want this cat in their lives.

This Breed Sleeps with You

With most pets, kids have to force them to sit still and deal with a little love. With the Devon Rex, however, kids don’t have to bother. This cat will find them, sleep with them and stay with them all night. This cat believes he owns you and your family, and that you are his pets.  He wants to cuddle. But he might try it with you. If he does, just kick him out of the bed and send him on his way to the kids’ beds. You might not enjoy kitten breath in your face, but kids love it, so it all works out for the best.

This Breed is Always a Kitten

Playful, loving and attention-seeking, kittens do grow up. Unfortunately, most kids lose interest in their cats when the kitten phase ends, and that’s too bad. This cat, however, does not lose the kitten phase. It grows, yes, but it doesn’t mature in a way that makes it lose its sweet nature and its desire to be a kitten forever. It will always be a playful cat ready to play a game, have some love from the kids and run around like a crazed animal with the children when they’re in one of those moods after grandma sends them home with a sugar high. How much fun for your kids to have a kitten forever?

They’ll Eat the Kids Vegetables

This one might not work out so much for mom and dad, but the kids are going to enjoy this one. This is a cat that will, seconds after eating a bowl of food, act as if it hasn’t eaten in a month. This breed will come to the table, sit by your feet and bed you for more food from your plate. Leave it unattended before you have time to train your cat to stay off the furniture and he will have it consumed in a matter of minutes. Your kids are going to love the fact that this cat will eat anything, and they’re probably going to take full advantage of slipping a green bean or Brussels sprout under the table and to the cat. After all, they’re pretty sure you’re being facetious when you say that you’re going to save those Brussels sprouts for them to eat the following morning for breakfast, but kids don’t like to take unnecessary chances like that.

This Breed is Friendlier Than Most

Whether you have 20 kids or 1, no pets or a cat, dog, bird, lizard, snake, hamster or bunny, this cat is going to make friends with all of the above. It’s not at all picky and choosy when it comes to friends, and he will make friends with any living, breathing creature in your house or yard – which could be a problem if you live in the south near a lake or pond filled with snakes and gators, but it makes a great indoor pet so that’s a consideration to make.

All You Have to Do is Change the Litter

Really, your kids can handle feeding the cat, even if you have to remind them every so often. These cats have shorter hair than most and while they do shed, they’re not very noticeable shedders. What this means is that you can have this cat for months and never notice hair on anything. It’s not a hypoallergenic cat as many people assume it is, but some people do state that they have fewer issues with their allergies around this cat than others with longer hair and more prominent shedding.

This means you’re not going to worry about grooming the cat. It’s very self-sufficient in that it will care for itself and leave you with very little to worry about. For that reason, this is a great kitten for kids. It doesn’t require much care or work so kids are able to do the bulk of the care and you’re not required to do anything more than purchase the food and litter every so often. If you’re going to get a kitten for your kids, do yourself a favor and make it the Devon Rex. It’s the best choice.

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