Now Famous TikTok Cat is Obsessed with Disney’s ‘Aristocats’

Disney films have always been popular, especially among children, so we were not surprised that “Frozen II” became the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Maybe it is the plots that captivate us, or we empathize with the characters. Whatever the reason, Disney films hold a special spot in our hearts, so special that even one autistic boy used Disney films to regain his speech. When you thought it could not get any more interesting, now famous TikTok cat is obsessed with Disney’s “Aristocats.” Find out more about this feline’s obsession and if you should limit the amount of screen time for your pets.

He Can’t Get Enough of “Aristocats”

One TikTok user could not wait to watch “Tangled” on Disney+, but her cat, Gatsby, had other ideas. Despite having watched “Aristocats” twice the previous day, Gatsby could not let her human mom enjoy her film choice in peace. Therefore, he started behaving like a toddler throwing a tantrum, screaming at his owner to ensure she danced to his tune. Gatsby’s mum had no choice but to comply with her kitty’s demands, and like a good son, Gatsby lay down and concentered on the movie. He is so obsessed with the film that it is his seventh time watching it, and whenever it gets a glitch or ends, he gets upset. Luckily, he knows what to do to get his mummy’s attention, and she wonders if he can even understand that he is watching cats. The TikTok clip got so much attention that by October 28, 2020, it had been shared 46.8K times and garnered 1.2 million likes.

Real-Life “Aristocats”

We know of people who have named their children after someone or something that inspires them, but can you imagine having a cat family that looks exactly like the one you have seen on TV. That was the case with Shelby Sewell-Lopez. When she adopted a cat, she named her Duchess after the “Aristocats” character. After all, it was a befitting name given how much the kitty resembled Duchess from the film. What made it even more appropriate was that like Duchess, who got lost and had to find her way back home, Shelby’s cat was a stray.

Those who believe that there is nothing like coincidence should rethink their stand because, according to Cole and Marmalade, Shelby’s Duchess gave birth to four kittens. Surprisingly, the three oldest ones looked precisely like the film’s kittens and were the same gender. Therefore, Shelby did what any “Aristocat” fan would do-she named the three kittens after the characters in the film: Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse, while the other is “Blue.” On their first birthday, on July 7, 2019, she dressed the three “Aristokitties” in bows similar to what the cats in the film wore and took pictures of them. She then presented them to the world, along with their mother, with the look-alike characters’ pictures beside each of them. She posted the photos on social media and now Duchess and her kittens have their own Instagram and Facebook accounts; Blue has not been left behind in the rise to fame. We can’t help but wonder if Gatsby would recognize these cats’ resemblance to the “Aristocats” and become obsessed with them, too, if he ever met them.

Why Do Cats Watch TV?

Steemit lists a few reasons why cats watch television, and you should not be surprised that curiosity is among them. These furry creatures will sit in one spot looking at the screen to quench their curiosity. This behavior could explain why cats sit so close to the television and even attempt to touch the objects on the screen. Others believe watching television is family time because everyone else in the family takes time to look at the screen; hence they do not mind participating. Gatsby could have noticed that every time his human gets the laptop, she wants to watch Disney+, and since he enjoys “Aristocats” so much, he reasons they might as well watch it together. Luckily, regardless of how much screen time the cat gets or how close he sits to the television, the light will not damage his eyes.

You might have also noticed how your cat likes to sit by the window looking outside as if judging the passersby. Sometimes, they mistake the large flat screen television for windows, especially when they see something that catches their attention. Even if, with time, he understands that he cannot go through the “window” to catch the bird, the kitty will still enjoy looking at the moving images on the screen.

Does Watching TV Affect Cats?

You might be one of those who believe that even pets would like watching other animals on television because your children like cartoons. However, Conscious Cat believes that leaving the TV on for your cat to see how other cats behave in the wild could cause stress. The article explains that the sounds coming from the TV could result in the territorial instincts kicking in, therefore, become aggressive cats towards other cats. So, even if you are concerned about your cat feeling too lonely when you are gone, pick a channel that will not have loud noises.

The noise may not stress other cats; instead, they will be excited by what they see. Cats like Gatsby, who are engrossed by what the watch can pounce on the television, causing injuries if it is freestanding hence falls on them. Such incidences are high when the cat watches rodents or birds because the prey instinct kicks in, and he pounces on the rodent to hunt. Animal behavioral specialists hence recommend more interactive activities like playing with toys. You can also make a high perch near a window, so he is more engrossed in his surroundings instead. Still, shelter cats that spend most of their time alone could benefit from watching television because it increases their alertness and enriches them mentally.

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