Meet the Devonshire Rex Who’s Part Sheep and Part Turtle

Romey 1

When looking for a cat, it is usually a wise decision to research the differences between breeds. In addition to information about the health, size, and hair of a particular breed, it can also be useful to find information about its temperament. Some breeds tend to be more energetic and playful, while others are stoic and solitary. However, experienced cat owners will testify that no matter how much research is done, the only way to understand a cat is to meet it in person. Cats, like humans, are far too unique to fit nicely into broad categories.

One case that perfectly exemplifies how unique cats can be is that of Romey, a Devonshire Rex. Like most cats of this breed, he is highly intelligent. With Romey, however, this means far more than being able to do tricks. After learning how to stand and ask for his food, Romey began using this trick at all times of day in order to get treats. He also apparently likes to research, as he will place his paws in the mouths of his owners as they sleep to test if their tongues stay wet.

Even more unique than his personality, however, is his taste in food. While experts will claim that cats do not taste sweet, Romey is evidence to the contrary. His favorite foods are cake, frosting, Cheetos, and doughnuts. Further, he particularly enjoys having tacos filled with this sugary treats.

While his personality is mischievous and inquisitive, it is his appearance that truly makes him stand out. Romey has the poodle-like curls that Devonshire Rex cats are famous for. However, his neck and belly are almost completely smooth. With the curly fur of a sheep and a coat pattern that makes him look like a turtle, Romey is strange and adorable at the same time.

Romey 2

Romey is clearly a cat like no other, with a unique appearance and quirky personality. However, just like humans, he does not get along with just anyone. Before his owner, Elisabeth, adopted him, Romey did not have the best relationship with his foster family. Elisabeth and her boyfriend were told that Romey was not an affectionate cat. When they met him, however, he immediately came over and began pawing and purring. Although the couple initially sought out a Devonshire Rex because they are better suited for people with allergies (like Elisabeth’s boyfriend), they adopted Romey because of the bond that formed from their first moments together.

Romey is still adjusting to his new life. While he adores Elisabeth, it is taking quite some time to form a bond with Benny, the family bunny. Benny seems content to play with Romey, but the feeling is not mutual. While he has not warmed to Benny yet, Elisabeth hopes that the two will become close friends.

Clearly, Romey is one of a kind. While it would be easy to find information about the Devonshire Rex online, a simple search would tell one nothing about this unique feline. Romey is simultaneously affectionate, standoffish, playful, and mischievous. He has a sweet tooth and looks like a cross between a sheep and a turtle. He is evidence of the fact that the only way to truly understand a cat is to meet with it, as these animals are just as complex and unique as humans.

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