Pet Owners Reunite with Cat after Losing Her 7,000 miles Away

We recently learned about a harrowing story about a calico cat that was separated from its owner by thousands of miles. This is a story that makes every pet owner cringe, but when the pet owners reunite with the cat after losing her 7,000 miles away, the story has a happy ending. This family was one of the fortunate few. Cauliflower is a lucky feline who went through a traumatic time recently. Devin Lane and his wife Lucie Benevise were living in South Korea as a part of Devin’s assignment as a medic in the U.S. Army. According to Rochesterfirst, The couple was getting ready for their move that would bring them back to the United States. As they were preparing for the move they made preparations for the cat to stay with another military family while they completed their move back to Hinesville, Georgia where Devin was set to be stationed at Fort Stewart. There was a lot of work to be done before the official move as Benevise was a native of Paris, France, and was in the process of getting her official documents for her to legally enter the United States.

She was to stay with her mother-in-law, then have the cat shipped over when the couple settled in their own home. After Cauli had been with her foster family for a week, Lane picked up the cat and decided to allow her to roam freely in the cr. When the trunk lid where Cauli was sitting was opened the cat jumped out and ran off. She was lost and they couldn’t find her. Although Lane changed his flight and stayed to look for her, she was nowhere to be found. He had no choice but to level without the cat. Miraculously, a Facebook post made by friends in South Korea eventually yielded results. The same foster family took her in until her family could make plans to have her shipped to their new home. Their lost pet was found because of the efforts that everyone made in posting pictures and a description of the missing kitty. It had been six months since they had last seen the missing cat. Cauli was returned to her family and they had a joyous reunion.

The moral of this story

Benevise shared that after their social media posts had not yielded results during the first few weeks, she had given up hope. Her friend in South Korea and even total strangers took up the cause and kept the post circulating. The results were positive and because of the efforts that were made on Facebook, a family and their beloved pet are reunited. Understandably, Benevise had all but given up on ever seeing her beloved Cauli again, but the moral of this story is that you should never give up. Keep trying for as long as it takes. Cauli’s story is not unique, although it is one of the few instances where there was a happy outcome. Many cats and dogs go missing around the time that their families are getting ready for a move. Cats are sensitive animals and when they are taken out of their homes, it is emotionally challenging for them to deal with. They’re nervous and unsure about what is happening to their world. As in the case of Cauli, they may bolt and run at the first opportunity because of the fear that they’re experiencing. This is a critical time for pet parents and it’s vital to take all of the possible precautions to prevent your cat from escaping. Even those that are well-adjusted and happy animals can become fearful and unsettled during a move.

How to prepare your cat for a move points out that moving from one home to another creates a high amount of anxiety in cats. Most of them are territorial and when they’re accustomed to living in one place, a change can upset their worlds. They’re not known for being adaptable to major changes anyway. Disruptions to their routines can be extremely upsetting. It’s hard to know what a cat is going to do when in this highly emotional state. The most natural response is to run and hide. It’s nothing against you, it’s just their natural instinct to hide when they’re frightened. The most important thing to do is to start preparing your cat for the move ahead of time. Get your cat comfortable with using a care or pet taxi. This can bring your cat a great deal of comfort when you’re traveling. Familiarity can help when you’re moving the cat from one location to another. It’s important to keep your cat restrained at all times. A frightened cat is likely to run at the first opportunity. If your cat is as comfortable as possible and prepared in advance you reduce the odds of having an accident happening. Also, include comfortable bedding and your cat’s favorite toys to help make him feel more comforted.

Final thoughts

If you know that there is a drastic change that includes relocation coming up in your future, it’s best to start preparing your cat for the changes now. If he isn’t accustomed to being crated or housed in a pet carrier, start conditioning him slowly over time to view a pet taxi or carrier as a comfortable place where he and play with his toys. Be gentle and take your time, so when it’s time for the big day, your cat will feel comfortable when you put him in his carrier instead of intense fear. Avoid letting your cat out unless you have him securely on a leash at all times. Never let him roam free because he is more likely to run and hide than he is to hang around during the confusion of moving.

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