Rescued Persian Cats Help Ease Woman’s Chronic Illness

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Many people think of cats as pets or even gifts. What cat owners understand that others do not, however, is that these animals are far more important. Cats are members of the family, and as such, they give and receive just as much love as anyone would expect from a family member. Rescuing a cat is not a one-way gift; they pay back love with their own kindness and support.

One case that truly exemplifies the importance of cats in a household is that of Jen Johnson and her five Persian cats. Both Johnson and the troupe of felines that fill her home with love have benefited from their relationship. In addition to being rescued from dire situations like a past owner who threatened to throw one of the cats out a window, the cats owe Johnson a great deal for the care and devotion that she shows them. While Persian cats are gorgeous animals, they do require significant healthcare. This is particularly true for Johnson’s cats, for whom she has spent a great deal of time and money.

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However, the cats have repaid Johnson for her generosity many times over. In fact, she credits her feline family for saving her life. Johnson suffers from hidradenitis suppurativa, a condition which has left her in both physical and mental agony. The condition results in skin lesions and infections, and has also caused depression for Johnson. Without her cats, Johnson has stated that she would likely not get out of bed on many days.

With the cats depending on her, however, she is forced to get up and moving. As well, the love and affection that she receives from these cats is invaluable. Each feline member of the family is unique and brings joy to Johnson’s home in different ways.

Woolard is an adorable Persian who Johnson adopted from the Humane Society. In addition to his positive attitude and constant tail-wagging, Woolard is distinctive for his continuous drooling.

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Ruby was rescued from an irresponsible breeder who was seeking munchkin kittens. As such, she suffers from a wide range of health problems, just like Johnson. Despite her health, Ruby has proven to be the most affectionate of the group.

Snuffy is Johnson’s favorite, and was rescued after her breeder was unable to find a home. She stands out from the other cats due to her loud snoring.

Old Man is a cat that has endured some difficult times, particularly after his previous owner was deported. When he was rescued, his hair was so matted that it limited his mobility. He remains grateful and happy to see the groomers who liberated him from such struggles.

Cleo is the final Persian cat in the family, and like Johnson, suffers from a debilitating condition. Cleo has pica, a condition which causes her to eat things that are not food. In addition to suffering from this condition, she also has anxiety.

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Clearly, each of these rescued Persian cats is unique and faces different challenges. However, what unites them all is their ability to bring joy and love into Johnson’s life. They have rescued her just as she rescued them, and together they have become a strong and happy family.

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