Bald Cat Crashes Fashion Show And Fights With Models

Fashion Show Cat

Cats are strange and funny creatures. They have no sense of propriety, nor will they respect your personal space even though they have incredible expectations about our ability to read their minds and leave them alone when they aren’t amused by mere humans. Perhaps this is a result of some genetic memory dating back to the time when they were not our companions but rather worshipped as gods. With an attitude like a cat, it’s no surprise that some people saw their behavior as a clear sign they were intelligent beings with regal demands. However, the ‘bald cat’ who crashed a fashion show to ‘fight with models’ is a bizarre story even for a cat.

Walk On Parts

The catwalk crasher is not alone. Cats and even stray dogs, birds, and other animals have been showing up on our doorsteps for as long as anyone can remember. Being chosen by one of these adorable and bold creatures is special. After all, it doesn’t happen to everyone. There’s a hotel in New York that had a famous kitty named Billy show up and request attention and housing in the 1920s. The Algonquin has had a resident cat since Billy first arrived, and like the ancient Egyptians, the cat holds a special place for them.

Cats have a funny sense of themselves. When they deign to adopt someone or interfere in human affairs, some ask permission the way the Algonquin’s first two cats did. There are, however, cats who follow a different philosophy and simply let themselves in and get comfortable. Stories of cats who make unexpected appearances are the subject of numerous online stories and photos. Unsurprisingly, this is an excellent way for homeless or abandoned kitties to rehouse themselves. Whatever the motivation, a cat goes where a cat wishes to be, and nothing short of a mean human or dog is going to stop them.

Self Motivated Domestication

A former or current housepet does have certain expectations. They aren’t as random as they seem because we trained this into animals. Well, we trained it into most animals. Cats, it appears, are the exception. National geographic looked into the issue recently, and their findings were unexpected. When it comes to our kitty companions, we did not choose them, they chose us, and it seems they’re still doing so to this day. In domesticated animals, the DNA tells a very familiar story. As humans choose and adopt species, their DNA changes. We breed them for desirable traits, and it shows. However, cats lived alongside us for thousands of years unchanged. Other than some of the markings that have, more recently, appeared on tabbies, they still haven’t changed. What that means is that they are still basically a wild species that has domesticated us as a survival strategy.

Cats are among nature’s most successful hunters. They sleep all day because their ability to hunt is so great that they can afford to slack about twenty hours a day and enjoy a puddle of sunshine. They remain healthy and well-fed as a result of this minimal effort. Convincing humans to do that for them is another way they have found to keep themselves fit and protected with minimal effort. Essentially they walked into our lives and offered a service that we needed. Cats evolved as hunters of small prey, including mice and rats. As humans stopped being nomadic and began to settle, build permanent dwellings and farm crops, the mice and rats moved with us and began preying on our food sources.

Cats enjoy providing a pest control service since it feeds them well. People enjoy feline services because it keeps us fed well. It was a great partnership, and seemingly one that wasn’t our idea. Cuddling up to us wasn’t necessary. Since humans enjoy their self-created shade and cooling in summer, shelters from bad weather and fire or other heat sources in winter, the advantages of making friends with us are undeniable. However, the level of survival-based intelligence this shows is stunning and unprecedented. Cats saw what we could do for them and offered to help around the farm if we’d share some of our skills with them as well.

The Party Crasher

This little kitty who has made headlines for his or her willingness to crash a catwalk is in good company. It should come as no real surprise that it was hunting for some attention and found it at an event full of people. After all, cats figured out this trick thousands of years ago. It still works. We admire this self-motivated kitty greatly for his/her prowess and ability to set goals. There are a couple of things we’d like to say about this story that bears mentioning because the headlines got it all wrong.

Awfully Furry for a ‘Bald’ Kitty

Anyone who has seen a hairless cat can tell you what we’re about to reveal. This cat is not bald. Hairless cats are very distinct looking. They are pink or ‘flesh’ toned creatures that can sometimes be a bit wrinkly. This party-crashing cat looks nothing like them. It’s a short-haired tabby cat with a pattern of black and white. Interestingly this pattern is sometimes called ‘piebald,’ but none of the stories mention that. Instead, they are saying this beautiful furball is bald. That’s just silly when anyone with eyes can see otherwise.

Sparring vs. Fighting

When humans practice their fighting skills, whether serious or playful, it’s known as sparring. What this little cat did, other than walk the Turkish fashion shows’ catwalk with models, take a bath and generally pose for pictures was much more like sparring than any serious fight. Again, any cat owner could tell you that this adorable kitty wasn’t trying to harm anyone. It looks like the cat was looking for someone to play with and maybe adopt.

Final Thoughts

We certainly hope someone at the show decided to claim this ingenious little fuzzball for their own. After all, it’s pretty clear what the cat was up to. It was bored or lonely, so it went looking for some companions. What it got was a news story that misunderstood pretty much everything about how cats behave. Have you ever been adopted by a pet? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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