10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Scottish Fold

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Cats make great companions. They are always at home when you get there, and they are always there waiting. They are very independent pets. They require very little grooming and they can bathe themselves. The biggest benefit of having a cat is that you don’t need to take them outside like you do with a dog. This is great when you don’t want to go outside on a cold morning. Your cat can go right in his litter box to relieve himself. If you are considering adopting a cat, there are plenty of breeds to choose from. Before you decide on a particular breed, you should learn a bit about the Scottish Fold. There are many things about these cats that may make you want to adopt one.

Isn’t Born With Folded Ears

When a Scottish Fold kitten is born, he has straight ears at first. About a month after he is born, his ears start to fold. Some of these cats will not have folded ears at all. Some of these cats will have ears that remain straight up. You won’t know what you are going to get until you actually pick up the cat for adoptions.

Folded Ears Are Due to a Genetic Mutation

Part of what makes this cat so adorable is is folded ears. His signature folded ears are actually caused by a genetic mutation that affects his cartilage. Because this is a dominant gene, most of these cats will end up with folded ears, however, there are a few that will not. Most people who purchase the Scottish Fold is due to is cute folded ears. If you want one of these cats and you want one with folded ears, chances are you will get exactly what you want.

Likes to Strike a Pose

These cats love to look cute and they will do just about anything to show you that to get your attention. This is why they like to strike a pose. If your cat wants your attention, he will sit up like a Meerkat. Some will sprawl out in funny positions to get you to look at them. They also love to be photographed This is why you see so many of these cats in Instagram posing in the cutest ways.

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A Friendly Cat

If you have children, dogs, or cats, the Scottish Fold will make a great addition to your family. He is very friendly with everyone. He also has the patience to deal with small children who pick him up and pull his tail because they don’t know any better. He just thinks its another game and he loves to play.

Often Compared to an Owl

There are not many cats that can be compared to a bird, but the Scottish Fold can. Because his ears are barely noticeable and he has very large eyes, he could be confused for an owl if he is in the right place. If he climbs on a tree branch and you see him in the dark, you may not even realize that he is your cat.

They Come in Many Colors

The Scottish Fold comes in a variety of colors. You could adopt one who is orange, white, gray, tabby, and even calico. Not only does their fur vary in color, but their eyes do as well. Because there are so many eye and fur color combinations, each of these cats is pretty unique. If you adopt one, the chances of you adopting on that looks just like another cat are very slim.

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All of the Purebreds Can Be Traced Back to One Cat

Unlike most cat breeds, you can trace the ancestry of the Scottish Fold to just one cat. Her name was Susie and she was from Scotland. She was the first cat with these folded ears, and her owner loved that about her. Because of this, she was bred many times to domestic and British short haired cats. In time, many kittens were born with folded ears for people to breed. Today, the Scottish Fold is a popular breed.

The Scottish Fold is a Very Quiet Cat

If you want a cat who isn’t going to wake you up meowing in the middle of the night or when it is feeding time, you should adopt the Scottish Fold. These cats are not very vocal at all. They can make noise, which is usually very quiet. They very seldom do so however. He will only start making noise if he absolutely needs to.

You Have to Handle the Tail With Care

When it comes to health issues, this breed has tail issues. You need to care for his tail when necessary. The Scottish Fold’s tail can get stiff and he can get arthritis in his tail. If your cat’s tail begins to get stiff, you would need to take him to the vet for treatment. If you want your furry friend to be comfortable, you need to pay attention to his tail.

Use Their Paws as Hands

Most breeds of cat will walk over to his food or water dish, dip his face in, and start eating or drinking. This is not the case with the Scottish Fold. He will use his paws for eating and drinking. He can also open cabinets in search of food and he will even try to swipe food from your plate while you are eating. This breed is also famous for opening cabinets in search of something to play with. If you have a sewing kit with thread or yarn, lock it up. It won’t take him long to figure out how to get in and he can make a real mess. The use that he has in his paws will surely make it easy for him to get into things that he should not be getting into. He is a very smart cat and that can get him into trouble from time to time.

This breed of cat is not only very adorable and unique due to his ears. His vast intelligence and hand-eye coordination also makes him unique. He eats like a human, looks like an owl, and is one of the most adorable felines you will ever see. If these are reason enough for you to want to adopt this adorable cat, nothing will be.

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