10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Siberian Cat

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If you are considering bringing a pet into your home, you should consider a cat. They are very lovable, very loyal animals. Cats are also very independent. They don’t need to be taken out to go to the bathroom because they go in the litter box. Also, they don’t need to be walked like dogs do. If you have to go always for a day or two, you cat will be fine. As long as you leave him enough food and water, he will be fine while you are gone. If you are considering adopting a cat, you should consider adopting a Siberian cat. If you don’t know enough about this breed to convince you, read on.

He is Russian

This cat is native to Russia and he comes from the harsh climate of Siberia. This breed has been around for over 1,000 years. Years ago, they were used to control the rodent population on farms and in shops. Today, they are found as the family pet in many Russian homes. In Russian fairy tales, the Siberian cat was considered to be magical. In the stories they protected children and they could open gateways to unseen realms.

He Was Famous In English and American Cat Shows

During the 19th century, these cats were exhibited in cat shows in New York and England. They are mentioned in cat books that were published in 1889, 1898, and 1900. Before 1900, people in the United States could not get their hands on a Siberian cat. A trade deal was made between a Russian breeder and a breeder from the U.S. named Elizabeth Terrell. The Russian breeder traded Terrell a Himalayan for a Siberian and they started being more common in the United States.

His Coat is Very Thick

These cats come from the coldest, most harsh parts of Russia. Because of this, they have very thick coat of fur that gives him the protection that he needs from the elements. It also gives him a very glamorous appearance. He comes in a variety of colors and markings. Most of these cats have white chests, bellies, and legs, with coloring on his back. The most popular colors are gray, black, tan, and brown.

He Has a Unique Look

When a person first sees the Siberian cat, they think that he is a Marine Coon or the Norwegian Forest cat. What’s different between these cats and the Siberian cat is that has a more rounded boy and head. His large green-yellow eyes tufted ears, and neck ruff also makes him unique. Each cat looks very different since their coats come in a variety of different colors and patterns. Of all the colors, the brown tabbies are the most popular.

His Care

The most important thing that the Siberian cat needs is love and affection. Other than that, he is very easy to care for. Because he has such a thick coat, you should comb his hair at least twice a week. He will go through periods of shedding where he needs to be combed even more. Also, be prepared to vacuum your carpets and furniture often. His very thick hair helps him adapt to the extreme cold. Even though he can handle it, you should still keep your cat indoors. He can get hit by a car, attacked by a larger animal or he could be stolen. If someone sees this beautiful cat on the street, they may be tempted to take him home.


He Matures Slowly

The Siberian cat matures much slower than other breeds of cat. Most of these cats won’t reach his full physical development until they are 5 years old. A neutered, mature male can weigh up to 25 pounds.

He Loves to Climb and Play

The Siberian husky is a very adventurous cat. He likes to climb up high and he loves to jump back and forth on furniture. If you have high shelving, you can expect to find him on it. It may be a bad idea keeping your expensive valuables up on high shelves if they are breakable. It won’t take much for his muscular body to knock your precious belongings to the floor. If you put a toy out of his reach, you can be sure that he will find a way to get to it. He loves to play with puzzle toys and he enjoys chasing a laser pointer even more. You should challenge his brain to make him smarter and to make him feel challenged.

He is Friendly, But Not Needy

This cat loves his family, however, he is not needy when it comes to attention. He will be happy when you are able to spend time with him, but he won’t chase you around begging for affection. He will usually get along with everyone. This includes small children and dogs. He is very patient with kids and animals who are rough because they don’t know any better. He will even get along with cats, even if they aren’t Siberian. He will be suspicious when he first meets new people, however, he will warm up to them quickly. After a few minutes of hiding, he should be ready to come out and socialize.

He is Prone to Heart Disease

Some of these cats can develop a genetic health issue called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It causes the heart muscles to thicken. You should only buy a Siberian cat from a breeder who can prove that the cat’s parents have been tested for the disease. If his parents don’t have the condition, he won’t either.

He is in the Miscellaneous Category

The Siberian cat is recognized by The International Cat Association. During the annual Cat Fanciers Association shows, they are listed in the Miscellaneous Category. They very frequently win due to their muscular bodies and their beautiful coats.

The Siberian cat is not only very independent, fiercely loyal, and super active, he will also be a fun addition to any family. If you are considering adopting a cat but are unable to decide which breed would be best for your family, you should seriously consider the Siberian cat. He will be a welcome addition to any home.

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