Sick Cat With Crusted Eyes Reveals Stunning Different Colored Eyes After Treatment

Judging an animal based solely on its appearance is a common mistake. Although some may look frightening and aggressive, they are often simply suffering from a lack of care and require assistance. Such was the case of Cotton, a 6 year-old cat who fell into a state of disrepair after his family lost him.

Cotton is a gentle and playful cat whose life took a turn for the worse after his family decided to move. Shortly after the move, Cotton, an indoor and outdoor cat, went missing. Despite the efforts of his family, it took a great deal of time before he was found. During this period, the poor cat contracted a severe case of mange and nearly starved to death. He was in such dire straits that he could not even open his crusted-over eyes.

Luckily, Cotton was found by a man who was able to look past the feline’s appearance and see nothing but an animal in need of assistance. The man contacted Carmen Weinberg, the manager of the Animal Friends Project. She, too, opened her heart to Cotton and ensured that he received the medical attention he desperately needed. In spite of his dire condition, Carmen stated that Cotton was purring happily throughout his examinations.

After undergoing treatment, Cotton’s fur grew back and he was able to finally open his eyes. When he did, Carmen and the vet were both shocked to see two gorgeous eyes, one blue and one yellow. He has regained his health to the point that he is now available for adoption, as his previous family could not take him back. Surely, given his inspiring story and beautiful eyes, Cotton will find a home in no time.

If one were to judge Cotton based on his appearance while missing, the cat would probably be thought of as dirty and even dangerous. With sympathy and compassion, however, the truth can be revealed. For Cotton, this meant not only unveiling his beautiful and uniquely colored eyes, but also revealing that he is a kind and happy cat who was simply down on his luck. His story serves as a reminder that everyone should extend kindness and compassion to others, regardless of their appearance.

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