Bobby Flay Releasing A Pet Food Brand With His Cat Nacho

Chef Bobby Flay has been keeping us informed on the best methods for preparing delicious and easy to prepare meals. He’s an entertaining celebrity chef with multiple appearances on popular cooking shows. When he’s not competing against other chefs to determine who is the best overall, he is working on other ventures. One, in particular, was just announced and you’ll never believe what he’s been up to lately. According to Delish, Flay has been working on a new brand of pet food. He’s a master when it comes to preparing tempting cuisine for humans but can he do the same for cats? For those of you who didn’t know, Bobby is a cat lover. He is the owner of a Maine coon feline named Nacho. He’s taken his culinary talents and converted them into skills for making pet food.

Bobby isn’t the one making the news these days

Instead of taking center stage, as is his custom, Bobby Flay is stepping back. It is his cat Nacho who is getting all of the attention these days. The Maine coon has an Instagram account and it is Nacho’s name that introduces the brand. Flay’s new pet food line is branded as Made by Nacho. Flay has put a lot of effort and funding into the venture because the new cat food line features not only a feline diet but also a series of tasty treats to keep kitties happy and satisfied. Flay commented that the blends are all healthy and balanced to provide cats with quality proteins and nutrients. Each of the ingredients is hand-picked to ensure that it is not only palatable for cats and their delicate sense of taste but also packed with healthy foods cats like including kale, cranberry, and pumpkin.

Other notable ingredients in Made By Nacho Pet Food

The new diet also includes bone broth. This is something one would expect from a gourmet chef. Yes, it’s an ingredient that is used for human meals but cats find it tasty and it also contains healthy protein. Flay is making all kinds of discoveries about parallels between feline and human diets.

When will Bobby Flay’s new cat cuisine be on the shelves?

The official release date for the nationwide sale of Made By Nacho cat food and treats is April 19, 2021. However, you can find it online at select retailers. it’s now available through PetSmart online. Flay has built-in some charitable benefits for purchasing his new cat food brand. The Nacho Charitable Fund is a recently established New York Community Trust. The fund was created to assist animal welfare nonprofit organizations. The two charities that have already been served with grants from the trust include Best Friends Animal Society and EveryCat Health Foundation.

Flay and Nacho are making the news everywhere

People Magazine, picked up the news about Flay’s new business venture. He discloses that Nacho is a 6-year old cat. He is the proud pet parent of Nacho and a 2-year old Maine coon he calls Stella. Who would have ever guessed that Bobby Flay is a cat enthusiast? He further shares that he grew up with cats in the house. His mother was also a cat lover who kept two to three around through his formative years and it’s something that he was raised with. This is where he developed his affection for felines. They were a constant source of companionship throughout his life. His life as a chef can be stressful at times. His cats help him to relax and unwind.

Flay’s rationale for Made By Nacho

Bobby decided to develop his cat brand because of his love for his cats. He divulges that he is not completely convinced that all current pet food manufacturers have the nutritional value and concern for the health and safety of cats as their primary initiative. While he doesn’t slam them, his misgivings about the wholesomeness and nutritional value of commercial brands led him to develop the Made By Nacho brand.

Pet Food Processing stresses that Bobby, an expert in human cuisine has done his homework. Made By Nacho is developed after investing two years of research and development time into its creation. It is the result of Bobby Flay’s efforts with culinary and cat experts, and a DVM consultant. The end product has been taste-tested and cat-approved. It’s not only tasty and delicious, but it’s also a balanced and complete line of cat food formulations that cats enjoy eating. The Food Network also weighs in on Flay’s new venture and adds that the ingredients are sustainably caught, cage-free, Grass-fed, and contain healthy alternatives. All ingredients are approved by Flay who is picky about the foods he feeds his cats.

Final thoughts

Bobby Flay and his cat Nacho are in the spotlight together these days as they carry forth a new culinary adventure. Made By Nacho is Bobby’s way of showing his love and concern for his cats as well as cats everywhere. His commitment to offering a product that enhances the health and longevity of cats is one of the best ways of showing how much he cares. Flay is a philanthropist with a big heart. He’s ruthless in competition when going p against rival chefs, but he sees the fight to improve animal welfare as a team effort that takes everyone getting involved. He is doing his part in two ways these days. The development of a new healthy and nutritious feline diet is just one of them. The other is providing monetary support to animal welfare agencies through his charitable trust fund. The best way to get involved in this cause is to give Made By Nacho products a try and to donate to his foundation to help cats across the nation.

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