Is a Sneezing Cat Something To Be Concerned About?

Sneezing Cat

When your pet is sick it can be really hard because they can’t tell you what is wrong. As a concerned pet owner, having a sick animal can really bring you down. But there are some signs that you should always look for in order to keep your cat both healthy and happy.  One of the most common reasons why pet owners bring their cats into the veterinarian’s office is respiratory issues.  While these conditions are common in felines; if you have a Sneezing Cat it is wise not to ignore the problem. You wouldn’t want to cause your pet to suffer when they don’t have to.  So let’s take a look at some of the most common reason for this condition and when you should be alarmed.

Upper Respiratory Infection Can Be a Serious Issue for Your Pet

When you have a Sneezing Cat you need to pay attention to them.  While their condition might not be serious, there are some things that can really make your animal sick. Upper respiratory infection can really make your pet sick.  This common condition plagues many animals but especially those who are kept in a kennel environment.  That’s why you should always have a new pet that you have just adopted from a kennel or shelter checked out by a vet.  If left unchecked upper respiratory infection can kill your feline friend.  If the animal shows signs of sneezing combine with wheezing, your pet might just have upper respiratory infection.  Other signs that your animal may be suffering from this issue are lack of appetite and a decrease in mobility. In severe cases of upper respiratory infection, your animal may even have bloody discharge from the nose which can be quite alarming.   If your pet shows any of these signs you should immediately take them to the vet.

Polyps and Foreign Objects Can Also Effect Your Pet

Sometimes when your animal is allowed to play outside, they often eat grass.  Sometimes this grass can get stuck in the nose causing irritation.  While this is probably not a serious issue, but if your pet can’t get rid of the foreign object you might have to take them to the Vet.  Polyps are another issue that might cause problems.  Often these polyps are not cancerous but will need to be removed in order for your animal to breathe properly.  But to rule out any more serious issues, you should always take your pet to a professional.

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