Stray Cat With No Ears Gets A Loving New Home


Lady In A Fur Coat is a cat that was rescued by the Dane County Humane Society in Wisconsin. She came into the shelter as a stray and it soon became clear that she had some health issues. She was suffering from hematomas on the outside of her ears and she also had chronic ear infections on several occasions. The decision was made to remove the outer flaps of her ears as this would relieve a lot of the pain that she was feeling. There would also be no adverse effects on her hearing. In fact, vets believed that her hearing would actually improve after the operation.

The operation went ahead successfully but after Lady had recovered she did look a little strange without her ears. Staff at the shelter were a little worried that this would mean that she was less likely to be adopted. They all thought that this would be a shame because she was such a loving cat who liked to cuddle up in the laps of the shelter staff. They knew that she would be a great addition to any family and wanted to give her the best chance that they could to be adopted.

An employee of the Humane Society, Ash Collins, decided to crochet Lady a new pair of ears. A photo of Lady wearing the ears was posted on Facebook and it has since gone viral. The story was reported by CNN and this helped to bring it to the attention of the whole nation. Ash said that she was glad that she was able to use her crocheting skills to help Lady in a small way. Everyone at the shelter always does what they can to help the pets in their care and this is just one example of this.

Getting Lady to pose for the photo proved something of a challenge. The ears are kept in place by a string that is tied underneath her chin. Getting the ears in place and the string tied took several attempts. However, once they were on they didn’t seem to bother her and she was happy to have her photo taken. The shelter posted a before and after photo of her wearing the ears and it can be seen that they do make a real difference to how she looks.

As soon as the photo was posted on Facebook it began to be shared by people who already follow the Humane Society. While the photo of Lady wearing her crochet ears would have gotten people’s attention, they were also warmed by the story of how she came to be at the shelter and the way that they looked after her. The story started to be shared more widely and soon there were people from all over the world commenting on her photo.

The photo being shared online meant that there was a lot of interest from people who wanted to adopt Lady. The Humane Society check out everyone who wants to adopt a pet so that they can be sure that the animal will be safe in their new home. The shelter also helps people in the community that are no longer able to look after their pets find new homes for them. There is more information about the adoption process on the Dane County Humane Society website. The shelter encourages anyone that is looking for a new pet to adopt as there are so many animals that are looking for their forever homes.

The story does have a happy ending as Lady has now been adopted by a family that will give her the love and care that she deserves. She has taken her purple ears along with her, although it may take a while for her to get used to them. It may be that her new owners think she looks just as cute without them. One thing that is certain is that she will now have a better life than she has done in the past few months. Her time on the streets would not have been easy and the fact that she was in so much pain with her ears would have only made the situation worse.

As soon as Lady came in to the Humane Society, the staff there could see that she was a very resilient cat. This is something that the shelter often sees with animals that come into their care. Although the problems that the animals have faced in their past may have hardened them somewhat, it does not mean that they are not receptive to love. They are often happy to be fussed and the shelter finds that they are also able to trust the people that are looking after them quite quickly. The Dane County Humane Society will always make sure that the animals in their care are physically and mentally healthy before they are put up for adoption.

Lady’s case has also highlighted the work that the Dane County Humane Society does for many other stray and neglected animals in this area. They take care of animals that are found on the streets and do what they can to make sure that they get a second chance at a happy life with owners that love them. They also offer services such as microchipping and sterilization for pet owners in the community. Pet Safe points out that shelters can not only provide health care for the animals in their care, but also after they have been adopted. This improves the health of everyone that lives in the communities they serve, animals and people alike.

Lady’s story has really captured people’s hearts and there is a good chance that someone would have wanted to adopt her anyway, even without her ears. However, when people saw how cute she looked with her little purple ears there was no way that they could resist. Lady had lived as a stray for so long that even those who weren’t successful in adopting her can’t help but be happy that she finally has the chance to settle down in a loving home.

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