Police Hunt Weirdo Serial Cat Shaver Who Targets Ginger Cats

There have been strange events happening recently with cats in the Tonbridge, Kent area, but it’s only happening to Ginger colored cats, which is what makes this story weird. Gran Beverly Findlay has several cats and recently, over the past eight weeks, Findlay says that her Ginger colored cats have come back multiple times with patches of fur shaved off, while the other cats she owns, who are not Gingers, have had nothing happen to them. They come back home virtually untouched.

After her Ginger cats had been messed with multiple times, Findlay called the police as well as the RAPCA for help. She told them that her two Ginger colored cats, who are both three years of age, had been targeted multiple times over several weeks. She has said that she has no idea why this is happening to just the two, and why someone would want to do this, but she finds it to be very creepy and she wants whoever is doing this, to stop.

Findlay has said that she feels like someone is trying to remodel the cats, or something. And that she actually thought this could be the work of a hairdressing student, possibly. Another local of the area, Erica Cunningham that she has spoken to neighborhood watch coordinators about these attacks and trying to get to the bottom of it. She has also said that she, herself, had heard of a number of Ginger colored cat shavings over the past month or more. She sees that these are not isolated incidents, but it is a problem that is happening all over the Tonbridge area.

The Kent Police Department says that they are investigating the problem and that the owners of the Ginger colored cats are reporting the problem, and they are claiming that their cats’ fur has been partially shaved. With the reports filed, the story is pending further investigation and information.

Last year, 12 cats were shaved in the Cotswold area and the attacker(s) was never caught. Hopefully that will not be the case for this weirdo cat shaver. The police are asking for anyone who has information about the cat shaver, to be contact them to help them get to the bottom of this bizarre story.


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