Stylish Cat Items To Decorate Your Home For the Holidays

Cat decor for the home

The holidays mean something different for everyone, and that is never truer than when it comes to holiday décor. Some of us go all out decorating our homes for the holidays and others don’t. Some of us prefer to theme our trees and keep our décor to a certain color palette and others prefer as much color and holiday spirit (we do all love good holiday spirits) as possible; and some people just love cats. There is nothing wrong with that. As a cat person myself, I get it. These are animals that have this crazy and unique way of getting into our hearts and our lives, making us feel as if we are really the kind of people that mean the most to them in the world.

We forget that it’s our ability to buy food and open it for them that they love so much, but we don’t care. If you’re the type of cat lover that prefers to have your cats as the main attraction during the holidays, there is nothing wrong with that. Or perhaps you simply do not want to overlook your cats this holiday season in favor of a fat man in a red suit who is never going to fit down your chimney to bring you gifts, so you want to incorporate some cat décor into the mix for the fun of it. We have you covered, whatever it is. These fun cat décor items are going to make you feel comfortable that you are still showing off your love of cats as well as your love of the holidays (or not, you don’t have to love the holiday season).

glass cat

Dale Tiffany Art Glass Cat Figurine from Bed Bath and Beyond – $49.99

Tasteful and simple, this figurine is everything that makes for wonderful home décor any time of the year. Dress it up during Christmas with a little garland or simply leave it be. You can use it as a centerpiece with your Thanksgiving tablescape or simply leave it on a shelf where it is to be admired from afar. Whatever you want to do with your lovely figurine is up to you, and that’s something that is your personal choice. Either way, we love that this particular item will go with anything that you already use to decorate your home when so many other things will not.

cat throw pillows

Cat Pillows by Meowingtons – $18

These are fun and fabulous pillows for anyone who loves their cats. They’re just abstract enough to be able to use anywhere in the home from your office chair to your sitting room couch. They’re even great for an outdoor patio set on which you prefer to spend your time relaxing and having fun. They’re fun, and that’s what cats are all about. Your cats are going to love that you have these pillows that show off your love for them when the holidays arrive. Mix and match them with more holiday-like décor to spice things up a bit and to keep your guests well aware that you are a cat lover through and through.

fat cat wooden card holders

Fat Cat Wooden Cardholders from World Market – $19.96

Many people decorate their tables for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, especially if they are hosting the holidays in their own home. And everyone has some sort of holiday themed place settings; including cardholders simply because it’s easier to arrange seating yourself than it is to worry that Great Aunt Susan will end up next to you at the table when you’d much prefer she sits next to your sister and talks her ear off all night long about her latest love interest and his political views after her fourth or fifth glass of wine. There is a purpose for place settings. These cat cardholders will make it so easy and so much fun to keep things a little more casual around the holiday table while still ensuring that you don’t get trapped sitting next to someone you would rather not sit next to all have a designated place to sit while enjoying your holiday dinner.

cat eyes canvas

Cat Eyes Printed Canvas from Bed Bath and Beyond – $39.99

There is an old saying that eyes are windows into the soul. I don’t know if this is true or not, but they are pretty. Additionally, they do not age. I mean, everything around them ages but the actual color and look of your eyes does not change as you get older, which is why many older people prefer to maintain eye contact whenever possible. There is a chance I made that up, but who is counting? This fun and fabulous printed canvas is going to show off your love of cats all holiday season long, and what a fun way to show it off, too. After all, the cat is always watching; is he not? This is just my favorite one, really; everyone should have his canvas print.


PB Paws Pet Collection Best Friends Pillows Set of Two from Bed Bath and Beyond – $39.99

If you are a cat lover and a dog lover as so many people really are, you might prefer a decoration for your home that shows off your love of both. These pillows are just that; a way to show that you have a cat and a dog and you love them both equally. It also shows that these two animals can get along quite nicely and do not have to be treated as foes to one another. Who would not want to come to your home during the holidays and sit down on a couch or chair that has pillows depicting the most wonderful friendship in the world? It will make everyone feel right at home, and that is what you want them to feel during the holiday season. Unless you want them to feel uncomfortable and ready to go as soon as possible; then these pillows should be hidden away to make no one feel comfortable at all.

Photos by World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond

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