Ten Jobs Cats Do Better than Humans


Cats are cool animals with great personalities, and they’re also pretty good at a few things. In addition to being able to control pretty much everything you do when you are home, cats are able to command attention, love and affection from humans and they manage to do it in a way that’s a lot better than anything you could ever do. I mean, when was the last time you saw a cat who looked miserable at the end of the day? They walk around with their tails held high after getting everything they want, and they are very appreciative of that. With that said, it’s come to our attention that there are several ‘jobs’ that cats actually do better than humans. I know what you’re thinking right now; no, there is not. But there really is. And we have a list of those jobs right here. Go ahead, read on to find out 10 jobs cats are better at performing than humans.

Babysitting and Calming Kids Down

Cats are masters when it comes to calming children. They can make you feel so inadequate when it comes to calming a crying child or an unhappy child. It’s all because cats are much more interesting and fun than parents. They allow children to have something to look at. Children think that we, as parents, are uninteresting and unworthy of their time. Cats, however, are very cool.

Listening like a Therapist

When you have a bad day, a cat can listen to you. A cat isn’t going to judge you and make you feel as if you are not good enough. A cat is not going to tell you that you shouldn’t have gone on that date or that you shouldn’t have bought that boat. A cat is going to listen to you and make you feel that you did the right thing without ever saying a word. And it’s also free to talk to your cat.

Relieving Stress like a Doctor

Your cat can relieve your stress and make you live a longer life. All it takes is the time you spend petting the cat to make you live a longer, healthier life. It’s actually been medically proven to be true, so you know that a cat is going to make you feel really good, stress-free and happy.

Letting You Know how they Want

Cats are not like people, who are often vague and indifferent about what they really want. Cats are not afraid to tell you what they are looking for, and how they want it. If a cat is hungry, it will tell you. If it wants to be fed or pet or watered, it will tell you. If it wants to go on the porch and the door is closed, you know that the cat wants you to get up and open the door. A person might evade the truth and hope that you can guess what they want.

Letting you Know how they Feel

Cats know that all they have to do is meow and you will know what it is that they are feeling. They have specific meows they use when they are angry, when they are hurt and when they are upset with you. You will know what this tone is, and you will probably know what you did to upset the cat. this is a good thing about animals; you never have to wonder what’s wrong.

Cleaning up Leftovers like a Maid

Cats have no issue cleaning the kitchen after dinner. They’re going to make it their business to get on the counter and clean up all the food that was left on plates, in pans and in pots. You might want to clean up after them, of course, since they’re a little bit slow on the actual putting away of the dishes and things of that nature, but they’re good at getting rid of the food and cleaning up what it was you want to have for lunch tomorrow.

Cleaning up Spills the Kids Make

If you have babies or toddlers and they spill things on the floor, you can easily find yourself annoyed. With a cat in the house, however, you will find that nothing bothers you anymore. Your cat will clean that right up on your behalf and leave you with nothing to do but get the kids out of their high chairs and put the dishes away. You won’t have to worry about sweeping crumbs off the floor.

Killing Bugs like Pest Control

A spider in the laundry room or a mouse in the house? Let the cat handle that. You need not call the local pest control company because they are not going to have anything left to kill by the time the cat gets done with it. And on a bonus note if there is a bug in the house, the cat is going to let you know it like an alarm system. You will never wonder about creepy crawlies around you when the cat is in the house.

Forgiving You like a Family Member

Did you step on the cat’s tail? Well, the good news is that the cat is going to forgive you right away. Cats do not have grudges. They are happy to forgive and forget and never bring it up again. If you step on your sister’s cat’s tail, she’s going to remind you what a jerk you are, and what a completely rude person you are for the next 5 or 6 holidays and probably again for the rest of your life.

Trying New Food like a Professional Taster

If you have new food that you want the family to taste, they might not be all that interested. However, the cat will do it. The cat will do it without question. If the cat likes it, he or she will continue to eat it. If the cat does not find your newly cooked meal any good, he or she will not eat a second bite. The good news, however, is that the cat won’t whine about not liking it.

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