20 Things Only Maine Coon Cat Owners Would Understand


Sharing your home with a cat the size of a Maine Coon isn’t always easy. They’re sweet cats, but they have some seriously unique personality traits that other cats simply do not possess. They’re loving and fun, affectionate and large, and sometimes you might wonder just who is running your house (the correct answer is always the cat). What Maine Coons bring to the equation is not something just any old cat owner understands. It’s a special understanding when you have a housemate the size of a small car, and you know exactly what it is I’m talking about.

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It’s Not a Wild Animal

The first time someone sees your cat, they’re going to assume you let a bear in your house. We know you didn’t, and on some level they also know you didn’t. But you know as soon as they walk in and see your cat there will be a moment in which they wonder if you did, in fact, mate a bear with a wild cat and take the babies home with you. And maybe you might let them think you did; that’s always fun.

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Someone’s got a Sense of Humor

We love a cat with a sense of humor, and this cat takes the cake. The Maine Coon is funny. Well, to most people it’s funny. When you are the butt of its jokes and its sense of humor, you might not readily agree. This cat is playful and a bit on the mischievous side, though, so anyone who brings one home must also have a great sense of humor. Otherwise, the cat might kill you. Kidding. Mostly.

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The Raccoon Cousin – No

The person that came up with this one is clearly not right. This cat looks nothing like a raccoon, yet I know with positivity that so many people assume it does. Friends of ours that have a Maine Coon are asked this all the time, “What is that? It looks like a cat that mated with a raccoon,” is the common question. This is where you insert the rumor from earlier about it being a bear and a wild cat. If people are going to ask silly questions, it’s only fair to provide them silly answers.

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Your Cat is Larger than the Neighbor’s Dog

Unless your neighbor has a Great Dane or a Mastiff, of course. But really, your cat could be quite large in comparison to the neighbor’s dog. Your neighbor’s Chihuahua, for example, could be your cat’s afternoon snack tomorrow. I mean, it won’t be, but it could be. Actually, depending on the annoying personality of the dog, it really could be.

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The Shrill Trill

The Maine Coon does not meow, and it will tell you this with attitude. This cat trills. Loudly; all the time. It’s going to talk your ears off, make you listen and get your attention all at once. Let’s face it, though; there is no ignoring his cat and its loud conversational skills. It has a gift and the breed does like to ensure that you get to listen to its gift regularly.

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Food, Food, Food

Sure, the breed is naturally large, but you have to be careful. Your Maine Coon will eat all day long if given the opportunity. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these cats to find the bag of food within their reach and chew on it until they’re able to get food out of their own accord. This is why it is so important that you keep the bag somewhere that the cat cannot get to it. Like in a locked attic with a guard dragon.

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It’s a Giver

Everyone loves a giver; they’re so much better than takers. Boy is the Maine Coon a giver. It’s the kind of cat that gives and gives and gives; dead animals and rodents and really large snakes. Okay, maybe they aren’t really large, but they’re snakes so even if they’re barely the size of a worm, they’re still quite large. This animal is bigger than most, so it likes to attack and kill the small rodents and bring them home to give to you as a prize.

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Fat Jokes

Everyone’s got fat jokes when they see this cat, and it’s not nice. Of course, they’re probably just jealous that they don’t have a beast of a cat at home. They’re little kitten is cute, sure, but it’s not nearly as cool as your Maine Coon with its awesome ruff and its super cool personality. But really, though, everyone has a fat joke to make; and you’re just sitting there with a glare and a, “He’s just big-boned,” response.

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Maine Coons make all Other Shedding Cats look like Kittens

Cats shed; they just do. They’re not hypoallergenic. They’re cats; they shed and they make life a bit miserable at times. But you know what? That’s all right, except when you have a Maine Coon in the dead of the summer. This cat has a longer coat that most, and it’s totally the kind of cat that sheds so much you will go through at least two vacuums during the summer. It’s okay, though, because you can handle it. Your cat is cool.

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People Fear your Cat

There’s a certain stigma that comes with being the owner of a large pet – especially one that’s large for its type. People fear large dogs. But people really fear large cats. It’s probably because most people don’t associate large cats with house pets so much as they do totally wild animals, but that’s what is so much fun about the Maine Coon; it’s a house pet and it’s large, and that makes it look like the kind of animal you might encounter in the depths of the jungle.

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The Head Butt is Real

When your Maine Coon wants your attention for something, or wants to congratulate you or wants to let you know that it’s time to move out of his favorite spot on the couch, he’ll let you know. I mean, he will seriously let you know. This is a cat that’s going to move you out of his way with a head butt. Of course, he’s quite gentle about it, but he’s still going to push you out of the way.

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They’re Not as Annoying to Groom as People Assume

When people see this cat with its long hair and its big body, they immediately wonder how often you have to groom the cat, and they immediately feel sorry for you. Aside from some heavy shedding in the summer, however, a weekly brush is all this cat needs to keep him looking suave and sophisticated. He’s a good looking cat with a coat that really does not mat, and that’s a good thing.

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Maine Coon kittens, 8 weeks old

You can Teach him to Walk on a Leash

When you have a cat but you kind of have a dog, it’s really the best of both worlds. I mean, you get a cat that you can teach to walk on a leash. That’s kind of awesome. But the downfall is that people are going to want to stop you every 3 feet to talk about it, and that’s less awesome. This might take the fun out of it if you’re in a hurry or you aren’t a fan of other people.

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He Gets on Well with Others

The Maine Coon is a friendly breed. It makes friends everywhere it goes and with everyone. Despite looking like something that might eat you if you disagree with him, you will be surprised just how friendly this cat really is. It doesn’t mind kids, other pets, dogs or strangers. That’s a nice surprise from an animal type that doesn’t typically get along well with others.

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maine coon

They’re Kind of your Best Friend

The Maine Coon is a good bestie. It likes to spend time with you, and it’s funny. It gives you presents and it likes to talk to you. What more could you ask for? So you can’t take him everywhere you go, but that’s all right. He intimidates all potential dates with just his appearance and he has an evil eye that will make you shake in your boots. That’s a super cool personality trait that other people only with their cats possessed.

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He Plays Fetch

Yet another cool dog-like feature that the Maine Coon possesses is his desire to learn to play fetch. You throw something, the cat will retrieve it. When I throw something in front of my cat, he doesn’t even bother to look at me. When he does look at me, it’s with obvious contempt and annoyance that I’ve interrupted his nap or his rest or his quiet, or that I’ve ruined his life by existing. It could be a mixture of all of the above.

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He’s a Swimmer

Maybe he’s not hanging out in the pool when you’re not home, but he is a cat that does enjoy a bit of swimming; in his water dish. That’s right. Your cat is going to love to play in the water when you’re not home, and it’s going to drive you nuts. That’s why you know that his water dish has to be located on top of a towel in a location that doesn’t really become a problem if it gets wet and disgusting. But seriously, it’s like he’s never thirsty as much as he’s knocking that stuff over and playing in it.

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They’re Big Fans

The Maine Coon loves the people it lives with. It’s your biggest fan. It likes to follow you around and spend time with you, it likes to cuddle, and it’s really an affectionate cat. Of course, having this cat on your lap is a bit more like having a small toddler on your lap than a cat, but the good news is that it’s quite still and never bothers to climb all over you. This might make it cooler than your toddlers, to be quite honest.

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No One Likes Brushing a Cat’s Teeth

The one complaint that so many Maine Coon owners share is their vet’s constant reminder that the cat needs his teeth brushed. So, okay, the cat is prone to periodontal disease and can have some seriously killer breath if it’s not taken care of regularly, but you know, you know. The deal, however, is that you have to brush this cat’s teeth. And it’s got a lot of teeth, and they’re pretty sharp, and the cat is pretty big so it definitely looks like it could eat your hand.

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The Demand is Easy

With a Maine Coon at home, you know that your cat is your biggest fan. But you also know that your cat is not a demanding pet that wants you to stop what you’re doing so that you can cater to his every need. In fact, you know that this is a cat that is quite happy to let you do what you want to do and just follow you around. Essentially, the Maine Coon is the cutest groupie any rock star (that would be you) will ever have. That’s fun, and we love it.

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