Ten Great Cat Sites for The Feline Lover in You


While we like to consider ourselves a valuable resource for cat lovers we can’t possibly cover the entire cat universe all by ourselves.   Which is why we’re constantly out there looking for information, tips, and of course funny photos to help guide us along the way so that we can best serve the cat loving community.

As such we decided to come up with a fun guide to what we would consider to be some of the best cat sites around.  The list is in no particular order but we hope that you find these ten great cat sites as useful as we do!

Stuffonmycat – when it’s a site you used to own you have to give it some praise right?  Stuff on My cat is exactly what the title says.  Just good old fun pictures of cats with stuff on them.  Could be a hat, a box, whatever.   The bottom line is that the cats are unharmed and it’s funny.


The Daily Kitten – It’s a new kitten every day.  People submit their cat pictures and stories, and we get entertained at least once a day.


The Daily Cute – These are easily some of the cutest animal pictures on the internet.  It’s not just cats on here but we had to give them praise for being a well organized website.


Catster – One of the best cat sites in the world.   This site has it all.  Blogs, informational articles, pictures, breeds, funny stories, you name it.  It’s truly an all around cat experience on here.   If we had to pick a top three this would be in it.


Icanhascheezburger – The one that started it all.  If you haven’t heard of this site by now then you really aren’t a cat lover.  It’s that simple.  Cats with captions spelled wrong.  Who knew?


Lifewithcats – This is another excellent cat site.   We go there mostly for the amazing stories of cat rescue, heroism, and funny videos that they provide.


ASPCA – Probably the most official animal site we’ll put on this list but it’s a very important site with tips and laws related to cats.  If you want info about shelters and medical information this is a great site.


Petfinder – If you’re looking for information on cat breeds this is your spot.  If you want tips on every single topic relating to your cat then this is also your site.


Pets at The Nest – Virtually every topic on cats that you can imagine.


Petside – Excellent site for medical information, behavioral tips, cat news, entertainment, pictures, just about everything and for all animals, not just cats.


*Bonus – Kittentoob – how could we not mention our own site?  Come on guys!

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