The Argument for Treating Your Cat Like a Dog

Cats and dogs have long been known as opposites and the thought of treating your cat as you would a dog may at first seem like a joke, but we have a few very compelling reasons why you should. It begins with supervision. In general, we would never allow our dogs outside to roam the streets unsupervised because there are generally laws against it, and it’s unsafe for the dog. They could get hit by a car, mauled by a bigger dog or stolen by a thief. There’s just too much that can happen. It’s not a lot different for cats, but for some reason, we treat the two animals differently.

Cats are in as much danger as dogs

In Thurston County of Washington state, there is a confirmed serial cat killer on the loose. The perpetrator has savagely killed at least 13 cats using a scalpel and performing acts that would make you sick at your stomach if we were to list them here. If you want details, you can look them up online. The owners of the cats had no idea that when they were letting their cats out for some play and personal time, the fate that would befall them. This is just one example of what can happen to your beloved feline if you allow them to go outside alone unsupervised. If you wouldn’t let your dog outside alone then you shouldn’t allow your cat outside unsupervised either.

Other Dangers

There are some sick people in the world as we just learned, but there are many other dangers for unsupervised roaming kitties. Stray dogs have been known to maul, seriously injure and even kill cats. If your cat feels threatened he or she may climb into the motor of a car for refuge and get stuck there. When an unsuspecting motorist turns over the key, the results are never good and it usually ends in a fatality, and a grim one at that.

Cats are as domesticated as dogs

Just as your dog depends on you for guidance and keeping them safe, so does your cat. Your cat may actually want to go outside and explore. They are curious animals by nature and there’s nothing wrong with taking them outside for a while to let them do their thing, but you should never leave them alone or unsupervised. If your cat loves to take off and roam the neighborhood then maybe it’s a good idea to treat them as you would a dog and use a collar and leash. Most cats are perfectly capable of leash training and it’s another way that you can spend some quality time with kitty while making sure that they are safe from all harm.

Providing a safe environment for your cat

There are a few basic things that cats need to be healthy and happy. Not unlike dogs, they need to have their own toys, a safe and warm indoor environment, plenty of exercise, good food and plenty of clean water. Most cats are perfectly content to live their lives indoors and as long as they have a clean litterbox, there is little reason to let them go outside, and it should never be alone. As long as they have an interesting and fun place to reside, there should be no reason to turn them outside to navigate the outdoors on their own.

A good substitute for the outdoors

Cats are happy to sit in front of a big window that lets them see what’s going on outside from the comfort and safety of their homes. It’s a lot like placing them in front of a television, due to their insatiable sense of curiosity. For your comfort and theirs, consider litter box training so you won’t need to spend a lot of time watching them while they perform their toileting duties.

If you do decide that your cat needs some fresh air and sunshine, always make sure to watch them as closely as you would the family dog. They depend on you to keep them safe from harm. You could even make a play area in the yard so your cat will be more inclined to stay home. Keep in mind when outside with your cat that they are fast, agile, and they can fit through small places that most dogs can’t so it’s easier for them to disappear out of your sight. Teach them that their place is inside the house.

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