The Elegant and Timeless Himalayan Persian Cat

Himalayan Persian Cat

One of the oldest and most prized felines in the world is the Himalayan Persian Cat.  These animals are some of the most graceful on the planet and have been kept by royalty and common people alike.  First registered in the year 1957, more than 300,000 of these animals have now been recognized.  These award winning animals often win best in breed and other titles around the world each and every year.  You probably will never go to a cat show and not see one of these animals in the group.

When in Britton, these animals are known as Colourpoint Persian and you can find many people breeding these lovely animals.  In France, these animals are also super popular and you will find many of them being kept as family pets.  The United States is also a place that these felines call home, and breeders can be found in every state in the Union.  The price of these animals can range widely from a few hundred dollars to thousands but having one as a pet is simply priceless.

As far as temperament goes, these animals just don’t get any sweeter.  A very loving feline, they make very wonderful family pets and are highly social.  While some breeds are not good around children, this one surely does love them.  Some of these animals can be very playful and they seem to have tons of energy, so don’t expect them to just sit around and look pretty.  But these are some of the most beautiful felines in the world. Very photogenic, you will often see lots of these animals in movies, TV commercials and print magazines.  This is one of the many reasons why these animals are so popular.

This can be a healthy breed but there is one underlying issue that some of these cats face.  Because of genetic defects they may contract Polycystic kidney disease which can result in death. This condition which destroys the kidneys can be painful to watch.   But luckily many breeders have been able to identify the gene that causes PKD.  This allows them to protect their offspring and they won’t breed any animal that has this gene.  So if you ever plan on breeding your animal make sure to have them tested for this gene.

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