Five Cat Breeds That Shed the Least

When people are deciding whether to get a cat, one potential issue they consider is shedding. When a cat sheds, it leaves hair around your home, and this is a problem for some people for three reasons. First, those who suffer from cat allergies are more likely to suffer symptoms if their cat sheds a lot of hair. Second, a lot of shedding creates a need for additional cleaning. Finally, cats that shed excessively need extra grooming. However, not all cat breeds shed the same amount, so your choice of cat breed can make a significant difference. While some cats shed a lot, others hardly shed at all. Therefore, you can avoid the problems associated with shedding by opting for a cat breed that is known to shed very little. Here are the five cat breeds that shed the least.

1. Sphynx

Probably the best way to avoid having a cat that sheds excessively is to get a hairless cat breed, which is why Bond Vet lists the Sphynx as the cat breed that sheds the least. As it is a hairless cat, it is one of the most recognizable breeds. Its lack of hair also means that they do not shed. However, if your primary reason for choosing this breed is so that you do not have to groom your cat, then this is a mistake. Although they do not have a coat to groom, hairless cat breeds need additional care, and this counteracts any time you save by not grooming.

It is also worth noting that they are not necessarily a hypoallergenic cat despite their lack of hair. Their dander and saliva still produce allergens, and these can cause allergy sufferers to experience symptoms. You must take great care of their skin due to its lack of protection. The Sphynx cat was originally bred in Ontario, Canada, in 1966 after a cat gave birth to a hairless kitten. They were specifically bred to create a hairless breed. Most modern Sphynx cats are descended from three kittens bred in 1978 in Toronto.

2. Siberian Forest Cat

It may come as a surprise to those who have seen a Siberian Forest Cat to find this cat breed on the list of cats that shed the least, as they have a long and luxurious coat. While most cat breeds have a double coat, this breed has a triple coat. Despite their thick coat, they shed a lot less than most other breeds, and they are known as hypoallergenic cats. The Siberian Forest Cat is a medium to large breed that looks even larger due to its thick coat. Despite its size, this breed is surprisingly agile and playful. The most common color of the Siberian Forest Cat is a brown tabby, although they come in an array of color and pattern combinations.

3. Cornish Rex

As its name suggests, the Cornish Rex originates from Cornwall in England. Most cat breeds have a double coat that consists of an undercoat and an outer coat. The Cornish Rex differs from most other cat breeds, as it only has an undercoat. Their undercoat is curly and soft, and it is less likely to shed than cats with a double coat. At first glance, the Cornish Rex looks like a hairless breed. However, they do have a fine layer of down over their skin. Their thin coats often fall out, so they may have bald patches on their bodies. They come in various solid colors, including black, white, orange, chocolate, lilac, blue, and cream. Cornish Rex’s also come in bicolor, tortoiseshell, color-point, and tabby variations. Another distinctive feature of the Cornish Rex is their large pointed ears, which are prominent due to the small size of their heads and their lack of fur.

4. Bengal

One of the features for which Bengal cats are best known is their distinctive coats. They have the same pattern in their coats as the non-domesticated relatives, such as the leopard. Bengals are a breed that does not shed a lot, so you get the advantage of a cat with an attractive coat, without the issues associated with shedding. Not only does their coat not shed a lot, but it also requires less maintenance than many other cat breeds. Although there are earlier examples of domestic cats crossed with the Asian leopard, the modern Bengal cat was first bred by Jean Mill in 1975. One of the reasons for breeding was to achieve attractive fur that did not shed. The markings of the breed are typically spotted rosette or marbled. Bengal cats also have some interesting personality traits, which is why they have grown in popularity. They are an intelligent breed that is energetic and playful. This breed is also known to have a love of playing in the water.

5. Siamese

The Siamese cat is another breed that is easily identifiable due to its distinctive features. Their point-color coat has darker points on their ears and the tips of their tails. Another physical characteristic of the breed is their striking, blue, and slanted eyes. They are a popular option amongst those who want a cat with a low-shed coat. This breed originates from Thailand, which was formerly called Siam, hence the breed’s name. They are a very vocal breed, and the noises they make are unique as the noises they make are unlike the meows and purrs you would expect from a cat. Some of the noises they make are described as hissing and yowling. Siamese cats are an intelligent breed, so they enjoy activities that stimulate them mentally. They have a reputation for being aloof, but they are a sociable animal that enjoys spending time with their human and is very affectionate. Siamese cats are a breed that benefits from living with another cat for company and stimulation.

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