Tips on Finding A Lost Cat


Losing a cat because he/she ran away or they lost their way can be just as heartbreaking as if they had passed away, especially since you never know what the circumstances may be. Did your cat lose their way on a routine walk? Were they catnapped? Have they been run over? You never really know most of the time and that feeling is one that cat owners never wish to experience. Luckily, hope is not lost! There are very many instances where lost cats have been found either on their own or due to the kindness of strangers. Should you or anyone you know come to find yourself/themselves in this horrible predicament, here are some tips on finding your M.I.A. feline friend:

– Don’t waste any time. Once you find your beloved cat is missing, time is of the essence. Contact neighbors, take photos with your camera to show to people and hit the streets ASAP!

– Ask around. While you are walking around, ask fellow pedestrians and knock on your neighbors’ doors. This is not the time to be shy – the more people that know and are aware that your cat is missing is the opportunity for more eyes to be of assistance to you.

– Put food and water outside of your house. Upon returning from your search, set out food and water in case your kitty was just taking an extended stroll without your knowledge.

– Publicize it! Make posters, put up missing cat reports on Craigslist, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and local online publications/newspapers. When it comes to posters, enlist family and friends to take to the streets and put them up on poles of major streets and intersections, all over your neighborhood, grocery store and library bulletin boards.

– Contact your local animal shelter. Animal shelters receive many lost cats that were found. Even if they say they don’t have one of your cat’s description over the phone, put in some face time and make an in-person visit to all of your local animal shelters.

– Don’t lose hope. Keep the faith that you will soon be reunited with your kitty. Just remember: some cats have returned months (and even YEARS) after they are lost. Continue on the search and keep looking until you find them!

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