Five Tips to Keep Your Cats Safe on Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and you want it to be a safe and fun holiday for everyone. Your kids aren’t the only ones yo have to watch out for. If you have a cat, you want to make sure your cat makes it through the holiday, safe and free of injuries. Cats are curious creatures They are also creatures of habit, so holidays can be a bit frightening for them with all the hustle and bustle happening in the home, decorations they don’t recognize, and people in and out the door that may spook them. So how do you go about keeping your cat safe this Halloween? We have some tips for you. Here are five tips for keeping your cat safe this Halloween.

1. Keep your cat indoors

At Halloween, the door opens and closes all night long, which means that your cat will have lots of opportunities to escape. If you know your cat has the potential to dart out the door, it’s better if you leave your cat in a bedroom or other safe room where he won’t get the opportunity to run out the door. Even if  your cat isn’t a Houdini, just getting spooked by all the commotion, can cause your cat to do something he wouldn’t otherwise do. Play it safe.

2. Candles are a hazard

Candles are something that may draw-in your cats attention. Cats are known to jump on counters and other furniture pieces to check things out, and a flickering light is just the thing to get your cat’s curiosity up. Be sure to keep candles out of the way where your cat can reach them to avoid tipping it and burning them, or starting a fire in your home.

3. Keep candy out of reach

Cats aren’t like dogs in the sense that they will gobble up anything in sight, however, there are cats that are curious about smells and they will try to put things in their mouths if it smells good, and tempting. Candy can make your cat sick, so don’t leave candy in places where your cat can easily reach it. Put it up and out of sight for the night.

4. Keep your cat away from decorations that can harm him

It’s fun to decorate the home, but there are decorations that may harm your cat. Be mindful of the types of decorations you set around the house. Things that are stacked, can topple. Decorations with long pieces that may seem like fun to bat around, may get your cat tangled up and into trouble. Think about your cat’s personality and what dangers your decorations could pose for your cat, then plan accordingly.

5. Be careful with cat costumes

Yea, it’s cute when people put their pets in costumes, but costumes, no matter what it is, can be a bit hazardous to a pet, especially cats, because they tend to not care to be in a costume and can go a little nuts when they are constricted in a costume, accessories, or clothing that makes them unable to perform their natural habits. Cats will run, jump, among other things, when they are frightened, nervous or unsure. It is not wise to put your cat in a costume and then leave your cat unattended because you never know what they will do. If there are strings, or other parts of the costume that can catch on something and choke the cat, or constrain it to point of injury, this can quickly become a bad situation. Be mindful of the type of costume you buy, and if your cat seems very in-agreeable about wearing it, it’s better if you comply.

Have a happy and spooky Halloween, but make it safe for everyone, including your furry, furbaby.

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