What Kind of Cat Eye Discharge is Normal and What’s Not?

If you have a cat, discharge from its eyes is common. However, at times the release may be quite irregular, and you need to be keen on such anomalies for the proper care of your feline. When looking at your cat’s eye for discharge, the following are some key points to take note.

Types Of Discharge

  • Tears – Tears are normal secretions present in almost all mammals. Tears are essential to the structure of the eye. It helps in clearing dirt off the eye and also acting as a sticky agent for material entering the structure from the outside. It also helps moisturize the cornea acting as its lubricant while also contributing to its light absorption function. Tears are clear and production is in low volumes.
  • A Lot Of Tears – As earlier indicated, tears production is normal, but production is minimal. However, at times there is excessive tear production leading to watery eyes. This form of cat eye discharge may indicate several underlying problems, according to Wag. Among the probable situation behind watery eyes include injury to the eyes, presence of foreign objects, allergies, or facial bone injuries. The redness of the conjunctiva can also accompany the condition.
  • Red To Pinkish Discharge – You can also notice that there are traces of blood in the discharge, where it takes on a reddish to pinkish appearance. Blood indicates there is an injury to the eye structure, and the vet can look for the presence of visible blood spots to check for injuries or related conditions.
  • Yellow Greenish Discharge – You might also notice there is a yellow to greenish fluid flowing from your cat’s eyes. Most of the time, such a discharge is pus and may indicate the presence of a wound or maybe a boil around the eye. If it is a wound, there are high chances that it is infected.
  • Brownish DischargeAccording to Cuteness, brownish fluid is another cat eye discharge you may come across. It is a condition commonly known as epiphora, which comes up due to blocked tear ducts. Most of the time, it is either dirt or fur blocking the tubes, a problem easily solved at the vets. The brownish color is mostly due to dirt.

It is common in some cat breeds such as the Persian and Himalayan cats due to their exposed tear ducts.

Symptoms Of Eye Discharge

Aside from noticing fluid coming from your cat’s eyes, other pointers are suggesting that your cat has an eye discharge condition. Highlighted below are some of the symptoms of eye discharge on your feline.

  • Crusting On The Edges Of The Eye – The presence of crusts indicates dried up matter, which in most cases, is the fluid from the eye. It mostly takes on a brownish color due to exposure to dirt. However, in the case of pus, it may appear as a semisolid with a greenish to yellow appearance, almost like mucus.
  • Swollen Eye – A swollen eye can indicate a lot of things, and it may be brought about due to the stress exerted by the discharge. At times, mostly in the event of injury, it may be the course of the release. In the case of discharge of pus, the swollen eye may indicate an infected wound or boil.
  • Red Eye – Red-Eye is a sign of inflammation or injury. In the case of inflammation, the eye may swell or be accompanied by too much tears. Such is a pointer if the cat seems uncomfortable and constantly trying to rub its eye.
  • Hair Tufts Around The Eye – You might also notice hair tufts around the eye. They come about due to the fluid solidifying after coming to contact with the fur.
  • Insects Around The Eye – Insects might get drawn to the area due to the discharge. You may notice some dotting the eye region of your cat.

Treatment Of Cat Eye Discharge

When you notice that there is an abnormal discharge from your cat’s eyes, you need to contact the vet to help out. Do not try home remedies unless advised so by a professional as you may otherwise aggravate the situation. The vet will examine the eyes taking note of swelling, the color and consistency of the liquid from the eye, the same to its odor. Crusts are also crucial to the vet in pointing out the underlying condition. X-ray scans are generally done to rule out facial bone injuries or tumors of the eye. Once he or she has discovered the problem, they may prescribe some medication to help deal with the issue. They may prescribe eye drops, which are the most common medication to help deal with cat eye discharge issues. In case of injuries, you may also take some pills for your kitty. Ensure you give the meds to the cat until the condition subsides.

Preventive Measures

To curb the issue of discharge from your cat’s eyes, you need to practice preventive measures. One of them is proper hygiene and also taking your cat for routine checkups. In case of an injury, it is prudent to take the kitty to the vet’s practice immediately. You can also try clearing dirt accumulated on the edges of the eye to keep the issue at bay.


Discharges from the cat’s eye are common, and most of the time, in the case of tears, the situation is no cause for alarm. However, in case there is any irregularity in the amount, color, and consistency of tears, then you need to consult the right persons to help out. Injuries, allergies, respiratory duct problems, and the presence of foreign objects in the eye are some of the leading causes of fluid coming out of your cat’s eyes. At times, blocked tear ducts are the culprit leading to brown discharge. Besides the discharge, other signs of such a condition are the presence of crusts, swollen and red eye. When you come across such symptoms, take your cat to the vet for a checkup to ascertain the condition at hand. Also, try exercising preventive measures to keep the issue away.

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