Why Do Some People Walk Their Cats in Strollers?

It has been said that cats see themselves as royalty because they most probably remember that they were worshipped as gods in Egypt. Therefore anything you can do to make their lives a little more luxurious is always a welcome option. However, sometimes it is not that we want to spoil our furry friends; our own needs can demand that we put them in a stroller. While having cats in strollers is not such a big deal, when photos showed Jennifer Garner walking her cat in one surfaced, it became a trending topic. So, what is all the fuss about walking a cat in a stroller? Let’s find out.

Why Jennifer walked her cat in a stroller

Everyone has their own way of overcoming obstacles, and Jennifer knew that her family needed some light exercises even amid the coronavirus. Since the lockdown has seen families staying behind closed doors, the actress wanted to get some fresh air by taking walks around Brentwood, where she lives. Unfortunately, not everyone was for the idea. One of her daughters insisted that the only way she would take those walks was if they got to bring their cat along; hence Jennifer ordered a cat stroller.

Once the demands were met, the entire family was pictured taking the much-needed walks, which prompted Elle DeGeneres to ask the actress why she came to that resolution. Jennifer then explained about negotiating with her daughter. She added that even if the cat found it strange to be out in a stroller, she observed the feline was happy to go on the adventures. However, as much as the actress seems to be ready to pamper her cat, Jennifer was not a cat person until Jessica Seinfeld turned her on to the felines. According to US Weekly Magazine, Jennifer blames Jessica for pushing her to adopt a cat-mom lifestyle because the actress even went ahead to buy a leash for her pet.

Why you should get a cat stroller

Although we know cats walk for miles around their home, they still would not mind going on adventures with their humans without having to tire their own legs. According to Cat Explorer, a cat stroller is ideal if you live in an area with paved footpaths and would like to take your cat along with you. Of course, for Jennifer, this was the main reason why she opted for the stroller.

For some, it is not because they prefer the luxurious life that the stroller affords the cat; instead, they are more concerned with their own health. While cat backpacks are also an ideal way of carrying your cat whenever you cannot leave them behind, your back may not be in the best shape to handle the weight of the cat. Therefore if you feel that you are straining yourself and compromising your health, a cat stroller is the best option. All the same, since you will be pushing the stroller, you should also consider how it can affect other parts of your body, so you do not end up solving one problem and getting more in return.

In other instances, you are prioritizing the health of your pet. If your furry friend has recently had surgery and you both need some fresh air, a cat stroller will ensure that the cat will not be putting his heath at risk. Some of our pets have been our companions for so long, hence their age demands that they get frequent rests even during walks. Therefore instead of having to stop after every fifteen minutes to allow the cat to catch his breath, putting him in a stroller will guarantee you and your pet a smooth walk. Besides, others like Garfield, are obese or have other health problems that would put their lives at risk if they walked or long distances; Garfield could not even take a few steps away from his home without panting like he had taken a mile-long walk.

What to consider when buying a cat stroller

Cat strollers come in various shapes and sizes, and each caters to the needs of different pet owners. If you cannot trust your cat to sit still and just enjoy the adventure, some strollers allow you to peep inside and see what they feline is doing. A zip-up mesh onscreen should do the trick since it protects the cat from jumping out in case it sees something that arouses its interest, while also allowing your pet to take in all the beautiful scenarios around him. However, some pet owners may feel that zippers are not appealing, so check to see that the zipper is invisible to the pet.

You should also consider the storage space available in your house since every square footage counts in this era when housing is getting expensive by the minute. A collapsible stroller should, therefore, be your first option if you do not have much room in your house. Besides, this feature also makes it easy for you when traveling because you can carry the stroller comfortably since it can fold to fit in your car. This means that even on vacation, you will be able to take walks with your pet because the stroller will always accompany you too.

With too much use, the stroller is bound to get dirty, and it would make no sense to buy something that will give you a hard time cleaning it. Apart from the washability of the stroller, be sure to check that it has enough storage space. It would be much better if you can store your keys, water, and other necessities in the stroller instead of having to take another bag with you. Finally, confirm that your stroller will serve you well depending on where you live; a rough terrain should prompt you to buy an all-terrain stroller so that the cat does not bounce around whenever you walk him in a rocky area.

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