Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into the Bathroom?

Cats are curious creatures and they do things daily that are hard to understand. Many cat owners are perplexed at why their cats follow them into the bathroom. Not all cats do it, but some seem to have an obsession with this room of the house. If your cat has a preoccupation with the bathroom of your house, here are a few reasons why he may feel the need to accompany you when you enter this room.

Cats are fascinated with bathrooms

According to Cats in the Box, cats have a fascination with bathrooms, but for some very good reasons. Cats are by nature very curious creatures. Bathrooms have running water. Even if your cat doesn’t like to get wet, there is something about water that intrigues felines. They like the sound of running water and enjoy watching it swirl around in the toilet bowl or the bathtub.

Bathrooms are chock full of wonderful goodies that they like to use as toys, such as toilet paper. Have you ever come home to discover a pile of shredded tissue in your bathroom? Cats especially enjoy pulling the toilet tissue down from the rolls with their claws and leaving you a terrible mess.

It’s fun for them, much like finding a new toy. This isn’t the only thing about bathrooms that cats find interesting. It’s a room that is usually filled with things that have a nice smell and that drives them crazy. They want to fully investigate all of the interesting fragrances to find out what they are.

You’re not allowed privacy from your cat

If your cat sits outside of the bathroom door and cries because he wants in, here is the reason why. A closed bathroom door will make him wonder what is going on on the other side of the door. He may require privacy when he uses his litter box, but you must understand, that he doesn’t believe you need my privacy at all.

According to Vet Street, cats require privacy when they toilet, but they never extend this same courtesy to their owners. Your cat needs to know where you’re at, and what you’re going at all times, that is, when he thinks about it. Some cats don’t like for their owners to be out of their sight and they want to be able to see you at all times.

Bathrooms make great play areas

According to The Spruce Pets, cats also like to get into your bathroom because of the novelties they find inside. It makes a great play area for a cat, at least in their minds. They see towels and robes suspended from racks and hooks. Any hanging object makes a great plaything.

They also seem to enjoy turning over otherwise neatly laid bath mats and leaving them in a pile. Cats seem to love playing with bathmats, also none of us can figure out why this is. Curious cats are always on the lookout for new and interesting things to play with, and unfortunately, the bathroom is usually a place where there are plenty of new things for them to bat around and try out.

Reprieve from a hot house

Sinks and tubs, as well as non carpeted bathroom floors also tend to be cool places to catch a nap if it’s hot in the rest of the house. These are cool areas and cats can get more comfortable when the temperature of the interior of the house is too warm for them. Cats wear a permanent fur coat and what might be comfortable for humans could be a bit too warm for them, forcing kitties to search for cooler alternatives.

Entering a forbidden zone

Most seasoned cat owners learn the dangers of allowing the cat to have access to the bathroom. A cat in the bathroom usually results in some kind of mess to clean up afterward. Kittens are the worst at shredding toilet paper, or even worse, using the tub or sink as a litter box.

These are nasty messes to clean up and it usually only takes once to convince cat owners that the bathroom door should remain shut with the cat on the other side. Barring access to a room only makes a cat want to get inside of it more. Their curiosity makes them want to crash through mysterious barriers to getting to the other side. If you routinely keep your bathroom door closed and discourage your cat from going inside, your cat may become obsessed with gaining access to the bathroom whether you’re in there or not.

Final thoughts

Now you have an idea of why your cat follows you to the bathroom door and cries when you won’t let him in. The bathroom can hold many mysterious wonders in a cat’s mind. It’s a place where there are so many interesting new things to play with. When a cat’s owner disappears into a room, it piques his curiosity and he wants to get to the bottom of the mystery.

He can’t help it, because it’s in his nature to be curious. Cats are playful creatures who are always looking for a good time. It might help to ease his curiosity if you let your cat into the bathroom a few times while you’re in there to supervise him. Let him sniff around and see what’s on the inside, but it’s never advised to allow him to stay inside alone.

You can depend on him to find something to tear up or chew on. Kittens are the worst for destroying a bathroom, but even older cats have been known to go inside and make a mess. Cats and bathrooms are not a good combination, but it’s hard to convince them of this fact.

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