10 Cat Breeds That Will Get Along With Your Dog

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Being a pet owner is a beautiful thing. There are so many different benefits associated with owning a pet, whether you have a cat or a dog. Statistically, those who own pets of some sort are more likely to live longer. Pet owners are less stressed, they are less likely to suffer from depression and they are more active. All in all, it tends to seem as if pet owners are just a lot cooler. But what happens if you own a dog or a cat and you want one of the other? You have to make sure your cat – or future cat – is one that’s dog friendly if you have a dog or want to bring one home, so here are some of the best cat breeds for dog owners – or future dog owners.

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This is a cat that not only likes to chat with just about anyone that will listen, it’s also very dog friendly. Have you ever seen a cat play fetch? Well, you will if you get one of these. And the best news is that this particular breed is quite happy to play fetch with a dog and a human. It’s going to make the transition into a two-pet house very simple for you and everyone involved.


This is a breed that is highly curious and entertained by just about everything, which is what makes it so good with dogs. It has no idea that Tom and Jerry don’t get along and that according to the world, it’s supposed to look down upon the dog. No, this breed is perfectly happy just hanging out with the dog, playing, and getting into trouble whenever possible. It’s playful and loving, but it’s more like a dog than a cat.



Beautiful and exotic, this is a cat breed that really does love the dogs in its life. It’s friendly and expressive, it’s bold and beautiful and it has no issue being the center of attention. It likes dogs, cats, kids, people and anything else that lives and breathes, which is a good piece of news for those who are looking to have a cat of their own to go with their dog – or future dog.



The ragdoll is one of the cutest little breeds you will ever see. Sweet and adorable, this breed loves animals. It loves people and it loves dogs. It just loves anything and anyone that will show it some time and attention, and the ragdoll is one of those cats. It will perk right up when you bring home a dog, or it will make friendly with a dog if you bring the cat home to meet it. Charming and sweet, no dog can resist the affections of this sweet breed.



American Shorthair

This is a very even-tempered breed, which means it gets along very well with the dog. It actually gets along well with everyone in the house, which is probably why this breed is considered one of the most popular cats in the country. People love this breed and it makes them happy to have one of their own, which is why the breed is so much fun. And it gets along with everyone, so it makes a great cat to have with a dog.

japanese bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese bobtail is a very relaxed cat with a very open personality and easy disposition. This means it’s going to have no problem acclimating to a new dog in the house or being the new cat in a house filled with dogs – or just one dog. This breed is active and friendly and that makes it a wonderful addition to any family.



It’s wildly exotic and gorgeous, and it’s one of the most fun cats in the world. If you have a dog already or if you want a dog, you can have this cat around the house. This is a breed that is very close to a dog in that you can train everyone together. The Bombay likes to walk on a leash, it likes to play fetch and there are times you might wonder if your cat has an issue and actually thinks it is a dog. The breed just really likes to be very dog-like and that’s what makes it a good cat dog.


Norwegian Forest Cat

Big and exotic, this cat has a very distinct look that many people feel makes it very recognizable. What makes it really cool, however, is the fact that it very closely resembles a Maine Coon. And it’s big. It’s cool looking, and it’s laid-back. It’s an easy cat that’s not very high-maintenance, and it gets along very well with the people in the house just as well as it gets along with the other animals in the house whether they happen to be cats or dogs. They’ll all live together in harmony.

maine coon

Maine Coon

This is a big cat, and that’s probably why it’s so comfortable with the dog. It can grow quite large, which makes it a bit more confident and easy to get along with, which is good for dog owners. Additionally, this is a cat that is very laid back and happy to spend time with people and other animals. In fact, it’s often joked about that this breed is the dog of the cat world, so it only makes sense it would get along so famously with the dog.



This particular breed is lovely. It has an exotic face that makes it appear a bit snobbish, but it is not. In fact, it’s actually a lovely cat that looks and acts just like a dog at times. Your dog will love this cat since it does like to play fetch, which means your cat and dog will always have a play mate when it comes to doing something fun around the house. It’s a very laid-back breed, and it’s one that will fit in nicely with any family whether it has a dog already or one is brought in later.

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