10 of the Funniest Grumpy Cat Memes

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, or Tardar Sauce in real life, is a cat with a permanently annoyed expression on her otherwise adorable face. Thanks to a condition known as feline dwarfism, she’s got a face that looks less welcoming and more irritated that you’re even bothering to talk to her, about her or even in her general vicinity. The cat became famous as a kitten when a photo of her mean mug was posted online and she became an internet sensation practically overnight. Now she’s a bonafide movie star with her own Lifetime holiday movie and she’s on just about every single product in the country. Let’s not forget, either, that Grumpy Cat is the most fun meme around. It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram without seeing a photo of this cat turned into a meme basically telling the rest of the world where to shove it. Some are cute, some are fun and some are hilarious. We love hilarious. So we’ve brought to you Grumpy Cat’s most hilarious memes.


Grumpy Cat has no desire to do anything that looks too much like rowing a boat. By the way, don’t cats hate water as a general rule? So that would make this most all cats and not just the cutie with the sour puss?


State Farm wants good neighbors to be there. But we think that they mean with a shovel when there is need or a cup of sugar when cookies must happen. Grumpy Cat, however, just does not feel that the neighbors need to come around. I’m with him.


Now here’s a poem I think we can all get into just a bit. It’s honest, to the point and it can’t even leave those women on the Bachelor who aren’t sure what a man is saying when he tells her he just wants to be friends confused.


So….I was unaware that Grumpy Cat was the parent of teenage kids and/or had extended family out there. This seems like a life motto for those people.


Sorry cat; no one hates cat memes. Cat memes are the best. Cat lovers love them because, well, they’re cats. Cat haters love them because, well, they’re mean. This is not up for debate.


I felt the same way. Not about purring; about smiling and being cheerful in public at 7 am on a Monday morning for no good reason other than I thought it might be interesting to try. It was awful.


Oh, did I create this meme? I did not, but I could have. I love hearing so much about the awful Mondays people have. It’s like they just expect Monday to be awful since it’s Monday and it’s the day after weekend. Sure, it sucks, but that doesn’t mean you go into it with that attitude.


Grumpy Cat must have watched the same 679 episodes of CSI that I, too, watched. I think it’s down to a pretty simple science now since we all know what not to leave behind at the scene of a crime. No skin, no hair, no fingerprints, don’t sneeze, don’t step in anything on the way in, don’t drive on anything on the way there, don’t let anyone see you; basically don’t commit a crime.


Sounds positively delightful, for most. Perhaps someone should consider putting this message on a card or something. Just in case. You really never know when you’ll need it.


Grumpy Cat tells the world how we all feel hearing Christmas music while shopping for our kids’ Halloween costumes at the beginning of October. Just no.

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