10 Great Valentine’s Gifts You Can Give Your Cat


Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means it’s time to find some unique and beautiful gifts that portray your love and affection for those in your life. This includes your cat. You obviously need not get anything for your cat on Valentine’s Day, but it’s a nice gesture to do just that. He or she may not be the love of your life – but maybe that’s not true – but you do get something for people who aren’t the love of your life all the time on this holiday just to show you care. So why not give something meaningful to your cat. You won’t get anything tangible in return, but you can expect a little love and affection, perhaps even some appreciation from your feline friend.

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KitNip Box Subscription

If your cat loves treats and toys, he or she is going to love the gift that keeps on giving. This monthly subscription is filled with wonderful items that make your cat feel happy and good, and you never have to worry that your cat will feel bored ever again thanks to the fact that he or she is getting new gifts and treats on a monthly basis. It’s a nice gift, and it’s pretty effortless on your part.

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Cats love bananas, and a frozen one that’s been mashed into a soft, cold treat will make your cat very happy. According to PetMD, this is a sweet treat your cat will enjoy, and it will also provide your feline friend with a few health benefits. The vitamins and minerals found in bananas make it easy for your cat to obtain some extra nutrition in an otherwise bland and boring daily diet.

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Cat Nip

At no point ever in a cats’ life does he or she not want more cat nip. This special treat is a sort of high for the cat that makes it feel good. It makes it a little crazy, and that’s kind of fun for you. Our recommendation, however, is that you only provide your cat with cat nip when you are around. A cat on cat nip with an empty house could be a bit destructive if you are not careful.

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Pet Pillow

Cats love to lie on things that are soft and sweet, so a pillow for your cat is going to make a big difference. There is a company based in Washington that designs something called a lavender pet pillow that’s filled with wonderful aromatic fillings that make your cat not only comfortable, but happy. The soothing aroma helps to soothe a cat that’s feeling a bit anxious or stressed. And yes, cats can feel like this. It’s not just a human trait.

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A New Toy

Is there a new toy your cat has been eyeing? Okay, so that’s a trick question. Your cat isn’t watching commercials, making lists and leaving magazine pages open to specific cat treats (though if your cat is doing any of the above, get the treat. Do it.) but that doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t want something new and fun. Any cat toy he or she does not already have in possession is going to make your cat quite happy.

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A Plate

If you’re serving your cat’s food in a bowl, it’s time to give your cat the treat of less sensitive whiskers in the middle of mealtime. Every noticed how your cat likes to get a mouthful of food, drop half of it on the floor next to the bowl and then eat? That’s because your cat has very sensitive whiskers and it’s not comfortable to have them slamming into the sides of a bowl every time her or she tries to remove food. A plate is a much better option.

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Neko Birbug

It looks like a fishing pole and a bug. It has a bug on the end so lifelike that your cat will think a bug actually got into your home as you move it around. The cat will then get up and chase the ‘bug’ around the house wherever you decide to make it go. This gift is awesome because it not only promotes health and good exercise for an otherwise lazy cat, it also promotes the need for you to spend some more time with your animal. This is always a nice gift since it brings the two of you together.

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We’ve said it before and we will say it again. A great way to show your cat you love him or her, and spoil the animal just a bit, is to provide it with its own soft fleece blankets. You know how much the cat loves yours. It hunts it down the moment you get it out and put it on the couch to use, but you hate the cat hair that gets all over your own blanket. What a nice gift it is to realize that you can give yourself the gift of a cat hair-free blanket while your cat gets the gift of a personal blanket just for it to use at will.

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A Cat House

Cats love to climb. They love it like no one really understands, least of all humans who are likely too scared to climb anything higher than the second rung on the smallest ladder in the house. Cats, however, have this innate need to be as high up as possible so that they can keep an eye on their people. They’re probably subconsciously attempting to inform their people they are far superior to them and above them in every sense of the meaning, but a cat house still makes a great idea for your cat this Valentine’s Day.

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Tuna Hearts

We saw this idea online and thought it was just the sweetest. There is nothing that says I love you to a cat more than some tuna shaped like hearts. Your cat won’t actually care that it’s shaped like a heart, but he or she will love that you took some time out of your busy routine to present him or her with a piece of tuna that is likely not part of the daily diet.

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