10 Human Foods Cats Can Safely Eat


Many animal owners happily feed their cats people food without second thought, but did you know that there are a great number of foods unhealthy for your cat? It’s true that cats love human food and are happy to eat it, but you could be doing your cat some very dangerous damage if you are not careful. We aren’t saying your cat has to suffer through long meals of just cat food and none of the stuff he or she loves from your table. All we are saying is that you should consider taking the time to see what it is that can harm your cat and what is not bad for your cat before you make the decision to give your cat anything from your table. A few minutes worth of research can make the difference between causing your cat to become ill, which could then stretch into savings that mean hundreds or thousands of dollars since your cat won’t have to go to the vet for treatment. Every decision you make regarding your cat’s food is one that can make or break your budget and the health of your cat. To help you minimize the amount of research you have to do, we’ve compiled a list of 10 foods that it’s okay for your cats to consume right off your kitchen table as recommended by professionals.


Cats are actually carnivores. Did you know that? We don’t think of them in this light because we have them in the house eating food from a bag or can. They’re lazy and sleepy animals that play with hair ties and purr with the kids. But they’re actually wild animals that do love to eat other animals. It’s how they survive in the wild. For this reason, feel free to give your cat some much needed meat in his or her diet. Just be sure that any meat you give the cat is free of additives such as cooking spray, butter or toppings that might or might not be good for the cat. Meat, by itself, is fine.

Deli Meats

As long as they are lean and do not contain any preservatives, your cats can snack on lean deli meats. In fact, if ever you’ve brought home a snack from the deli, you’ve probably noticed your cats overwhelming desire to get in your face, up on the counter or as close as possible for a bite. Cats love meat, and this is okay to give them in small doses.


Steamed broccoli is very good for a cat’s digestive system. Sometimes you might notice that your cat seems to find it interesting to snack on house plants, whether they’re flowers your husband sent or something you have growing on the porch. If you do notice this, your cat could be lacking some essential proteins in his or her diet. This means steaming some broccoli and allowing the cat to have some could be very good for him or her.


They’re filled with good fats and other good nutrients, so they’re good for your cat. It’s probably a good idea not to let the cat have free reign with bananas, but there is no reason, according to PetMD, that your cat cannot have some bananas from time to time. It can help with their overall nutrition and their overall health, and that’s what we love about this kind of cat food that works with people as well.


According to veterinary professionals, cats can eat scrambled and hard-boiled eggs. They’re just as great a source of protein for cats as they are for humans, and that’s good news. The bad news is that cats should not eat these if they are prepared with butter or any kind of cooking oil, as those contain ingredients that aren’t so good for your kitty’s digestive system.

Canned Baby Food (Meats)

Cats that have health issues with their kidneys will do really well with baby food that’s in a can. Your cat will be able to eat his or her medication as best as possible when he or she is able to eat food that can hide medication and provide health benefits to the cat.

Canned Fish

If your cat can eat fishy foods from a can, he can eat your canned fish, right? Well, yes and no. In small doses it’s okay to give your cat some canned tuna or other canned fish. It’s very important, however, to remember that small doses are important. Your cat will, absolutely without a doubt, ask for more than just a little, but there is too much mercury in fish for a cat’s system. Small doses are a go; but too much could harm your cat’s health.


Just like it’s good for us, spinach is also good for felines. It can help them straighten up and feel better when they experience unfortunate health problems related to the stomach. It can make them have a bit more energy and make them just a bit healthier. For this reason, your cat can eat spinach pretty regularly. There are no real restrictions on how much is okay for the cat to eat, so you don’t have to worry so much about your cat getting too much of this good thing.

Seedless Watermelon

Cats love fruit, just like people. As long as you give your cats fruit, just make sure the seeds have been removed. Melons, such as watermelon, make great snacks for cats who are interested, and they can also help to make your cats stop chomping on items such as houseplants and flowers – which are potentially harmful to your cat’s health.


When it comes to feeding your cat cheese, it’s actually not a bad idea. Believe it or not, your cat can consume cheese in small doses. Cottage cheese is the best selection, and small doses are important. Too much could cause your cat to become sick. Did you know most cats have at least a minor form of lactose intolerance that makes it difficult for them to consume too much cheese or milk? Your cat can have a little, but not too much.

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