10 Reasons You Benefit By Adopting a Cat

Owning a cat can be a pretty tough job, which is why it can be difficult to sell others for reasons why they should care and adopt puppies. Cats just have a specific way about them – they also can be assured to benefit humans. Humans tend to assess a situation and ask others, “Do you think I’ll be bit a better? It’s a win-win situation!

Here are 10 reasons you benefit by adopting a cat:

1. Cats are great alarm clocks, seemingly knowing the exact time to wake you up.

2. Cats can teach you how to hunt – that is, if you’ll let them.

3. You never have to buy clothes for your kitty. Ever. You’re welcome.

4. Cats are a great help inside the house, even though it’s mostly in supervising you.

5. Their soft fur and calming purrs make them amazing stress relievers. If all else fades, just look at their faces!

6. Cats are creatures of discernment; the kind of love we offer is deeply considered and not given lightly. It is a much richer, more complex bond than one has with any other creature. Including humans, who tend to be too complex and often lacking in richness.

7. Cats are living, breathing home decor, with more grace and beauty.

8. Cats will watch even the worst of reality television shows with you, but will never ever judge.

9. Cats are a living, breathing home decor.

10. They remind you that rules were made to be broken.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

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