10 Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Cat


We all want the best of everything, and that’s why so many of us buy ‘brand-new’ no matter the object of our desires. The same goes for animals, even cats. While many might not see the difference in adopting or purchasing a kitten, there is a huge difference. In fact, the adoption of a rescue animal can have a major impact on the life of more than just your cat, and it’s a noble act of kindness. We recommend that anyone looking to get a cat consider the adoption process as it’s something that makes everyone feel good. And while many believe that a good deed is one done at no benefit to you, we disagree. We think that all good deeds are done with at least a little benefit to us since the knowledge of doing something good for someone or something else does make us feel good. It’s not selfish, and it’s not rude. It’s beautiful, and the benefits that come along with adopting a cat are significant. Read on to find out some of the many benefits associated with this selfless act.

The Appreciation

Any animal that belongs to a rescue understands that the act of being adopted is a sweet one. This cat knows that what you did for it is selfless and wonderful. It knows that life in a rescue is nowhere near as sweet as life with an actual family in an actual home. This cat is going to appreciate you to a point that you cannot describe because you took the time to make sure it was given a loving home.

Stress Relief

Cats provide stress relief. Medical professionals have proven that the act of petting an animal greatly reduces the feelings of stress that accompany most people’s ordinary day. As you pet your cat at the end of the day, you will literally feel your stress melt away and happiness begin to take over your soul.

Longer Life

When you own a pet, you will increase your days on this planet. It’s a proven scientific fact that cat and dog owners tend to live a lot longer than people who do not have animals in the house. So adopting this cat not only saves its life, it also helps to save your own life, and that’s a pretty big benefit to adopting a cat if you ask us.

More Activity

Cats aren’t really animals that need to be taken outside for a walk (though there certainly are a few breeds that have been known to do well on a leash) but they do get you moving. You’ll find yourself engaging your cat in activities that are fun and enjoyable, and you’ll be more active. This means you’ll be healthier. It’s a nice benefit to adopt a cat and end up healthier as a result, don’t you think?

A Built-in Friend

Who doesn’t want a friend that lives with you, shares your life and doesn’t judge you or offer you and sort of advice when things get tough? He’s going to listen to your day and he’s going to make sure that you feel heard and loved, but he’s never going to try and fix you. It’s a pretty nice change of pace for both you and the cat you rescued.


Cats are, by nature, silly animals. They will do things that will have you laughing more than you think possible. Additionally, they’re really adorable and that means that they are going to make sure you are constantly happier than you are now. Since laughter is the best medicine, it makes sense to us that having one would make you happier. You’re going to be happier, feel better and benefit the most from this selfless act.

The Example Set

When you adopt an animal from a rescue shelter, you set a good example. Whether it’s to your spouse, your family or your kids, your social media followers or the people at work, it’s a good example. It shows them that it’s always a good thing to do good things for others, and it shows them that you can be kind and loving and selfless without being too over-the-top about it. Be a good example to those around you and go ahead and adopt an animal. It is worth it.

The Love

There is no greater love than that of an animal that has been removed from a shelter and given a home and a family. Skeptics will state that they don’t believe it’s possible, but we are here to tell you it is entirely possible for animals to feel overwhelming love and appreciation for those who save their lives. Your cat is probably going to love you a bit more than the cats of others taken from a breeder with a good home to a family with a good home. These cats just don’t know what it’s like to live without a family or a home.

The Good Feeling

Feeling good about something you’ve done is always welcome, and it is not selfish. In fact, it’s just a benefit of doing something good for someone or something else, and we think you should do what it takes to embrace than rather than feel guilty about that. If you don’t feel good doing for others, you’re just not all that normal.

The Saving of a Life

Rescue cats are saved cats. They’re saved from many situations, but you don’t always know that some of them will be killed if they’re not rescued and taken into a home. When some rescues and shelters are overcrowded and in need of more room for more animals, they have to make room somehow. And while this does not happen everywhere or even all that often, some will make room for new animals to come in by putting down those that have been there longest, that are not adoptable, that are older or that have other issues. You are actually saving a life when you make the decision to adopt an animal.

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