10 Signs of Diabetes Every Cat Owner Should Know

cats do suffer from diabetes

Cats are not just pets to many people; they are family. And when a family member is diagnosed with diabetes, it can be a devastating event. What is diabetes, you might ask? What does this mean as it pertains to your pet? What can happen when a cat is diagnosed with something like this? Well, there are so many different variances of the disease and so many different considerations for all animals that are diagnosed with issues such as this. We can’t tell you exactly what it means for your cat without knowing your cat’s health history, without knowing what type of cat you have, how old your cat might be or what your cat might eat. We can tell you this, however; your cat is special to you and that means you want to know if he or she is suffering.

While diabetes in cats is on the rise, particularly as it pertains to older cats with obesity issues, it’s not something anyone should take lightly. Watch for these 10 signs that your cat might be suffering from diabetes. The sooner you can diagnose your cat and get medical help for him or her, the better. These 10 signs are not difficult to notice, but it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with them on the off chance your cat might develop this serious health condition.

Sudden Difficulty Moving and Walking

One of the most common signs of diabetes is cats is weakness of the rear legs. It’s called diabetic neuropathy, and it shows in 10 percent of cats with feline diabetes. It’s serious, and it’s worth an immediate trip to the vet. It usually starts with cats no longer being able to jump very high, perform the simplest of tasks or even stand up correctly, and it requires medical attention right away.

Sudden Increase in Appetite

Cats like to eat, and most of them are happy to eat anything and everything that you put in front of them. However, most cats won’t suddenly devour everything in one minute and then look for more the next. When your cat is practically begging for more food all the time, it could mean that your cat is suffering from diabetes. He’s not getting the energy from the food that he needs, and that is never a good thing.

Sudden Lethargic Behavior

Did you know that cats suffer from many of the same health issues as humans? This means your cat might become lethargic for many reasons, such as a common cold or even depression. However, it could also become lethargic thanks to the fact that your cat suffers from diabetes. We are not saying that this is what your cat is suffering from, but we are saying that this could be an issue and it is worth checking out with the vet.

Sudden Overwhelming Thirst

One of the most common indicators of diabetes in cats is the cat’s sudden need to drink more than ever. This is going to be something that’s combined with other symptoms, and it can make it very obvious that your cat has some health issues that need to be addressed. A trip to the vet is necessary if your cat is draining his or her bowl quickly and then searching elsewhere for water on a regular basis.

Sudden Change in Appearance

If your cat suddenly looks like it went on an all night drinking binge thanks to its disheveled appearance and crazy looks, it could be diabetes. Cats begin to look very thin, their fur begins to feel different and they begin to look overall horrible. If your cat looks like it’s not doing so well, chances are good it is not doing so well. Even if it is not diabetes, it’s probably nothing good.

Sudden Increased Need to Urinate

When your cat suddenly begins using the bathroom more than usual, it can indicate that your cat suffers from diabetes. Are you spending more time than ever before cleaning out the litter box because it’s filling up so quickly? If you are, it could mean that your cat has some health issues you need to care for. A good idea is to get your cat to the vet right away to discuss this issue.

Sudden Desire to Urinate Everywhere

Cats are usually pretty good about keeping things in the box so if your cat is suddenly doing anything but urinating in the box, it could mean trouble. Cats urinating outside their litter box is a serious sign of feline diabetes in that many cats. Of course, it’s also a sign of a full litter box, a mad cat or just plain old naughtiness.

Suddenly Sweet Breath

Cats are not known for their good breath. However, if your cat suddenly has a very sweet smell from his or her mouth, it’s probably a health issue and not a much needed answered prayer. Unfortunately, unless you just brushed your cat’s teeth with minty toothpaste, this is not a good indicator of anything positive. It’s common in diabetic cats; it requires a visit to your cat’s vet immediately.

Sudden Behavioral Changes

Cats that begin to act crazy, different, tired or just plain strange might be suffering from diabetes. Your cat might be all of these things on a regular basis, but what we mean is that your cat might begin to act differently than what is considered normal for him or her. You will notice, and you will wonder what is wrong with your cat. If you find that this is what your life is like at this point, it’s time to get the cat to the vet.

Sudden Weight Loss

If your cat is eating and drinking like crazy but losing weight, it’s a sure sign that your cat might suffer from feline diabetes. Now is the time to get your cat to the vet to get this checked out before the cat loses any more weight. A healthy weight is imperative, which means you need to do whatever you can to ensure your little one is getting the kind of good health that’s needed to stay strong.

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