Spa Treatments You Didn’t Realize Your Cat Gives You

Cat Spa Services

Cats are pretty versatile animals. Some of them are almost like dogs in that they are capable of doing things such as learning to walk on a leash and learning to play fetch. Others are great at keeping mice and spiders and other unwanted creatures out of your house and away from your yard. They are good listeners that never judge you – even though that look in their eyes says otherwise in the judgment department – and they are great cuddlers that always make us feel soft and snuggly at the end of a long day.

Did you know, though, that your cat is also a wonder in-home spa? Forget spending hundreds of dollars a day on pricey massages and services at a spa. Grab a bottle of champagne from your own fridge, put on your robe and let your cat do tall the spa treatments he wants free of charge. He might only require payment in the form of a cat treat, a new toy or some cat nip. Perhaps he will even settle for a cuddle session if you are not going to pick any of that up today. Either way, you didn’t know your cat was a personal spa, did you? Now you do, and now we will tell you precisely what your cat is doing to keep you looking and feeling good about your body and your mind.


Let’s face it; there is nothing more awkward than getting nude or almost completely nude and lying upside down on a table while a stranger pokes and prods at your body with oil-slicked hands. It’s weird; I mean, it’s great and I do it regularly without any care in the world, but it’s still weird when you really think about it. It feels good, but does it really feel good when you have to get up and pay $150 for a 50 minute massage that leaves you in need of a shower and a whole new face of makeup and kind of greasy hair? Oh, did we mention you also have to leave gratuity for this person?

You don’t have to leave anything for your cat. He will massage you all day long with his paws. Just adjust your body as you see fit and allow him to give you the massage you so desperately want and need. You will not regret this decision; I assure you. You will feel that your cat is doing the most excellent of all jobs, and that is going to leave you feeling pretty good about your life. We can promise you that.


Cats just seem to know when you are tense and in need of a little attention to a particular pressure point. Our old cat would know that when we were lying on the floor on our stomachs that it meant our backs needs some attention and he would come stand on top of us and knead our sore muscles and the most tender pressure points on our backs until we felt so much better. Of course, when I was pregnant with our twins he also thought he should massage my 8-months pregnant stomach and I’m sure I would have thrown him across the house for even touching my painful, tender skin had I been able to move my arms across my stomach to grab him. Hey; cats are perfect, you know.

Heat Wraps

When you’re lying in bed at night and your cat climbs up on top of your blanket and makes himself comfortable, you suddenly feel very warm. That’s all right, though, since he is there to keep you warm. You pay a lot of money at the spa for someone to come in and do virtually the same thing for you, so why not let the cat do it? It’s multitasking when you’re already asleep and receiving spa treatments – and your bank account is really going to love you for it, too. We like it, and we think that it’s worth the effort.


Cat tongues are kind of gross. They are rough. They don’t feel amazing. They are prickly, and most of us are happy when our cats just keep them away from us at all times. However, we will not lie and say that it’s not exfoliation. It’s far less expensive than the stuff you might purchase at the spa and it’s a lot less expensive than an actual exfoliation treatment at the spa. Our idea is to just let your cat lick your face all over every week or two and you’ll never need to get another professional exfoliation service ever again.

Admittedly, it’s pretty gross; but you are free to jump immediately into the shower and get to cleaning yourself up as soon as you are able to finish up that spa service, and we recommend that you do so. It might make life just a little bit easier for you and everyone that’s involved in this entire process. Go ahead; let your cat exfoliate your skin and you will certainly feel the appreciation that comes along with it.

Hair Care

So, your cat is not doing anything to cover your roots and that might be his biggest downfall. However, he is doing something that you know your stylist does for you. He is massaging your scalp in that beautiful way that your stylist does as she’s washing your hair before she cuts or styles it. I don’t know about you, but that (and the wine and lack of children, naturally) is my favorite part of going to the salon to have my hair done every month. Even my husband loves this part of life; and he’s a guy. Let the cat massage your scalp. You’re still going to have to have a professional do those roots (and I’m certain you do not want your cat wielding scissors), but you’re now getting multiple head massages and that is one of those life problems we should all be so fortunate from which to suffer.

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