10 Things You Didn’t Know about Himalayan Cats


We will never stop gushing about how much we love Himalayan cats. This breed is great with children, great with other animals, and deeply caring and affectionate is what most people would consider a dream breed. Plus, you add the character they have on their faces, and all the variations of the breed and you have a cat that is pretty much the perfect fit for anyone. But the truth is, there is not as much knowledge out there as there should be about Himalayan cats so here are 10 things you didn’t know about the furtastic breed of feline.

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Part Persian, Part Siamese: You may see the cats with its distinct points, colors, and facial size, and you may think you know its roots. The truth is, the Himalayan cat is a breed that sprung off from breeding a Siamese with a Persian.  Simple fact, the blue eyes are often a key feature to tell them apart from being full Persian, which is what they often mistaken for. More on this revelation later.

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May Be Descendant of Wild Cat from Asia: A great many people believe that the Himalayan cat is actually descended from the Felis Manul. The Felis Maul is a wildcat that inhabits certain parts of central Asia, and is unmarked, but has very strong fur. The true history of this cat is actually quite vague. Like with most breeds, you get different origin stories and myths depending on geography and history. The reality is, it was just a cross breed between a Persian and a Siamese. We love all the lore that goes along with most breeds, though.

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Known As Color Point Cats: The reason for this is because most of the actual colors on a  Himalayan Cat are located at its points. From the tips of its ears to its toes. In Asia, this is how they actually refer to this breed. The Color Point Persian. Here, we like adding the name of a fancy mountain range because it makes them sound much more exotic to our neighbors and friends.

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They Face Some Health Issues: It is said some Himalayans may have the gene that causes Polycystic kidney disease and they also can have some problems with eyes and teeth due to the shape of their head and skull. It is important to understand that all breeds and types of cats come with their own health warnings. There is nothing exceptional about that, and as long as you are aware of these things, iot is nothing something that should keep you from experiencing the love of this awesome breed.

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Hector from Heathcliff Cartoon: Maybe a lot of you youngins don’t remember this cartoon, but the 1984 cartoon Heathcliff had a cat maned Hector who was a (smashingly well dressed) Himalayan Cat who hung around with Heathcliff and his cohorts. This is the second list I have written in two days about a cat who wears a bow tie. What is up with cats and bow ties in pop culture? Is there is a connection I missed somewhere?

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Breeders Simply Wanted Siamese Coloring On Long Haired Cats: While we talk about how we love all the folklore that surrounds certain cat breeds, and the Himalayan Cat breed is no exception. The reality is never as much as the myth, though, which is why we waited for this reveal for further down the list. The reality is, as we said, breeders just really wanted the pretty coloring of the distinct Siamese cat, but they wanted that with a long haired breed. They eventually kind of got what they wanted with the Himalayan Cat.

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Many Variations on the Color of Their Coat: Just a few examples are Lilac Point, Blue Point, Red Point,  Chocolate Point and Cream Point. That is just to name a few. As mentioned prior, the “point” term means that is where that particular coloring is mostly located. Tips of those (awesome) ears and down to their pads.

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Most Prefer to be Indoor Cats: Please do not let the name Himalayan Cat confuse you. This cat would NOT be at home climbing a mountain or fending off mountain lions. This cat prefers the safety and comfort of indoor living.  This means they can be ideal pets for someone who may be limited to small space in an apartment. As long as that small space has at lest once warm place for this cat to curl up, it will be content.

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 Two Distinct Face Shapes: Though some people seem to think otherwise, there really are only two distinct face shapes for the Himalayan Cat breed. There is the doll face (as pictures above, and aptly named) and the Extreme Himalayan, with the really flat face. Is it just me or does the second one sound like it would ride a jet ski and wear a leather coat? Probably just me, huh? Well, I grew up in the 90’s, and back then, that is what went with along with the word “Extreme”. Just saying.

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Only Blue Eyes: The most defining trait of all Himalayan Cats, and how can you can tell them apart from Persians is their unbelievable blue eyes. I mean, they really have some stunning eyes. All Himalayan Cats have those “crystal blue persuaders”, as we like to call them. Why do we call them that? Well, when a Himalayan cat wants something, and it looks up at you with those big, blue eyes a’ sparkling, you are pretty much under that cat’s spell that point.

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