All The Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

Sphynx Cat

Cats are one of the most popular pets worldwide. And while owning a cat can be fulfilling and fun, it can also be downright messy due to their fur-covered body. If you are a cat enthusiast but suffer from a cat fur allergy or don’t want to deal with too much hair all over your house, there is good news for you. There are plenty of cat breeds that are completely non-shedding or low shedding. Here is an exclusive review of all the cat breeds that don’t shed.

Colorpoint Shorthair

24. Colorpoint Shorthair

Last but not least on our list of cat breeds that don’t shed is the Colorpoint Shorthair. This elegant breed results from the cross-breeding of a Siamese and a normal domestic shorthair. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, Colorpoint Shorthair has a strong, sleek, short coat that needs minimal grooming and does not shed much. These cats are affectionate, talkative, and demand plenty of attention. Therefore, this is a good choice if you want a cat that follows you all through the house.


23. Tonkinese

A soft, minimally shedding coat characterizes the Tonkinese cat breed. They have a short and silky coat, which makes them ideal for petting. You will have plenty of options with more than twelve coat colors and varying patterns. They have interesting antics that will keep you entertained.


22. Korat

Korat is a minimally shedding cat breed with a silver-tripped, blue fur of a single coat closely to the body. The Korat sheds less fur than other feline breeds because of the tight, short coat. This also makes grooming to be easier. Korat makes cute and loyal companions that love to play and also chill.

Russian Blue

21. Russian Blue

Russian Blue is a distinctive cat breed that often becomes a fiesta stopper with its beautiful gray-blue coloring and silvery coat. It is a perfect allergy-friendly pick because its dense coat sheds minimally, and the cat generates less of the Fel-d1 protein responsible for triggering allergic reactions. Even better, the Russian blue cat is extremely loyal to its owner, although shy in large groups. This luxurious cat breed enjoys play and needs some attention when you come home.


20. Ocicat

The Ocicat cat breed has a short, smooth coat that doesn’t shed, especially when groomed regularly. The breed was developed by cross-breeding Abyssinian and Siamese cats together and later breeding with the American domestic short hair. They are medium-sized to large with a smooth coat that does not shed. The Ocicat is very loving and playful. These cats love to play and see most things in your home as potential toys. They are also highly intelligent and are water-loving, so be on the lookout when having a bath.


19. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is another cat breed with short, thick fur that doesn’t shed nearly as much as other cat breeds. They have a relatively small face, making the big almond-shaped ears and eyes stand out more. According to, Abyssinian is popular for its intelligence and love for climbing, so ensure to provide it with a cat tower or garden. It is also a friendly cat that loves spending time with the owner. Therefore, if you have a busy lifestyle, getting an extra cat or pet is best to keep it company when you are absent.


18. Minskin

The Minskin is a more recent cat breed developed by crossing the Sphynx and the Munchkin cat breed in 1998 Boston. Minskin cat breed comes with a relatively stocky body and quite short legs. Their coat is unique for its patches of soft, dense fur often on their legs, nose, ears, and face fur that does not shed easily. Nevertheless, Minskin loves playing and likes being around people and other pets.


17. Singapura

Singapura is a small cat breed that normally weighs around six pounds. The best thing about this cat breed is that it has a short coat that does not shed much. Singapura cats have captivating characters that will surely steal your heart. These attractive feline friends are cheeky, playful, and friendly. They love human companionship and easily get along with other pets. Singapura will enjoy chasing cat balls around the house but without leaving hair all over.

Japanese Bobtail

16. Japanese Bobtail

Next on our list of cat breeds that don’t shed is the Japanese Bobtail. This loving and sweet breed originated in Japan as early as the 1600s. These cats are known as ‘bobtails’ because of their short, stubby tail. This cat breed has a single coat that doesn’t shed much fur. Even better, the Japanese Bobtail loves grooming themselves regularly, which reduces the amount of work the owners need to do. The Japanese Bobtail is considered to bring luck, and its owners will likely prosper.


15. LaPerm

If you love lots of tail curls, head bunts, and paws around the neck, a LaPerm will serve you right. According to Daily Paws, the cat breed does not shed its curly coat much, thanks to its mat-resistant and low-shedding undercoat. However, these cats might sometimes molt in preparation for the growth of new hair growth. You should perform a regular grooming routine to eliminate excess dead hair from your coat before it sheds around the house.

Exotic Shorthair

14. Exotic Shorthair

Often known as the short-haired Persian, the Exotic Shorthair cat comes with a dense coat that is shed minimally. This super cute breed is characterized by its laid-back personality and mustachioed face. They have broad bodies, short, thick legs, short tails, and large round paws. You will need to comb out to eliminate dead hair, but you should not find a lot of hair all over your house and clothes. These cats are normally calm, relaxed, and affectionate, easily adapting to a country living or apartment setting.


13. Birman

Birman is a relative furry cat breed. However, their hair sheds far less than other cat breeds and needs less grooming. This loveable breed has a darker face contrasting beautifully with the white body. Their paws and tail are also dark, as well as the inside of their ears. Gorgeous blue eyes finish all this off. These gentle and affectionate cats were bred to be companions, so they are happiest with a human companion and mostly spend time with their favorite humans.


12. Siberian

A Siberian cat is perfect if you want a non-shedding cat with plenty of furs. They have remarkably long coats, but they are also hypoallergenic. The shortcoming of the tradeoff with the long coat and no shedding is that it requires a huge deal of maintenance to keep up with. Therefore, keep the brush ready if you have a Siberian cat as you will need it.


11. Bombay

The Bombay cat is among the best cat breeds in the world that don’t shed. They are black with gorgeous piercing yellow eyes and a short fur coat that sheds minimally. The short fur coat has a friendly, warm, and ongoing character, which makes it incredible around kids and other pets. Bombay cats are playful with natural athleticism and curiosity; hence you should keep them well occupied with toys. These cats are large softies with personalities similar to their soft coats. But like the Burmese, one of their ancestors, Bombay cats almost have no undercoat and need weekly brushing.

Oriental Shorthair

10. Oriental Shorthair

With a connection to the Siamese cat breed, the Oriental Shorthairs breed is also shedding minimally and is easy to groom. They have a thin coat that does not shed much and generates less allergic protein. This cat breed is long and slender like the Siamese but differs in coloring, available in more than 300 color patterns. Character-wise, oriental Shorthairs are entertaining and loving breed. They love getting attention and can be sensitive if ignored.

Devon Rex

9. Devon Rex

The Devon rex is another curly-haired breed with a short coat. Their fur is wavier than curly, highlighted in many colors and patterns. The breed is similar to Cornish rex in a lot of ways, but they are a different breed. Like the Cornish Rex, Devon rex only has an undercoat. This cat breed develops a close bond with its owner and loves attention. They will often climb on your lap and nuzzle you as they seek attention. The Devon Rex is a good option if you search for a low-shedding cat that doesn’t shed.


8. Siamese

The Siamese is among the most popular and adored cat breeds. They come with a unique short coat, with a light-colored body with silky smooth fur. Siamese paws, faces, and tails are darker than the other body parts. These cats don’t shed much and are low maintenance. You only need to brush the remove dead hair with a fine-tooth comb, but besides this, you won’t need to worry about cat hair getting all over the place. According to Hillspet, Siamese cats like being in the company of people and are intelligent and lovely felines. However, their meowing sound is raspier, which might surprise you.

Burmese Cat

7. Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is a small shorthair cat that sheds minimally. This breed has a fine, short coat that losses less hair than other cat breeds. Their coat is smooth and silky and hence requires minimal maintenance. This short silky hair complements their gorgeous big, round, and gleaming green eyes. The Burmese cats are personable, friendly, and kind. These feline friends are affectionate and playful and not clingy. They are often referred to as ‘rock wrapped in silk’ as they are heavier than they look.


6. Bengal

The Bengal is a short-haired cat breed that sheds less frequently than other cat breeds and needs less grooming maintenance. The cat is a cross breed of the Asian leopard cat and the U.S. domestic cat. one of the distinct characteristics of their lustrous and thick coat, glitter effect, or gold dusting, which plays a major role in giving it extreme cuteness. The breed is also popular for its almond-shaped, black-rimmed eyes and unique whisker pads. These friendly cats are playful and energetic.


5. Lykoi

The Lykoi breed is a partially hairless cat breed that comes with a patchy coat. This feline friend has a high resemblance to the famous imagery of a werewolf. With lighter and shorter fur around their mouth, eyes, and nose, an interesting design is created, accentuating a werewolf-like feature. The pepper and scraggly salt fur of the Lykoi cat. However, other than the physical resemblance to the werewolf, this cat breed has great temperaments, are generally affectionate, playful, and loyal. They hence make striking and wonderful pets. Lykoi cats sometimes lose all their fur, making them look like Sphynx and do not shed at all. However, they will grow most of the fur back.


4. Donskoy

Donskoy is another cat breed of Russian origin that doesn’t shed. They are hairless or nearly so. This cat has a dog-like loyalty, with a natural curiosity that makes them very easy to train. Donskoy cats love spending time with humans and might get separation anxiety if left alone for so long. While you won’t have hair in your house, hairless Donskoy still needs regular repair to remove the excess oils from the skin and around the ears and nail beds.


3. Peterbald

Peterbald is a multi-colored, intelligent Russian cat breed. This breed has a unique look: hairless, grey-silver skin, big pointy ears, and a slanted face. Developed from experimental cross-breeding of the Oriental Shorthair and hairless Donskoy, this cat breed was first created in 11994 in St. Petersburg. This is why it’s known as Peterbald, with bald coming from the fact that it has no hair. This cat breed comes with a silky undercoat, soft velour-like fuzz, course wavy coat, or even bald. According to Catster, while some Peterbald felines feature a short-haired coat, most cats don’t have little hair shedding. These cats are sweet souls and have very expressive body language. However, Peterbald can sometimes be quite playful, so ensure to keep it entertained, such as using a puzzle feeder at mealtime.

Cornish Rex

2. Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex is another non-shedding cat breed that only has an undercoat. These cats hence shed significantly less than other cat breeds. Some Cornish rex cats have no fur. If they do, it is curly and close to the skin. But remember that you will still need to deal with a little hair, but it’s significantly less than others. Cornish rexes are energetic and playful cats. Therefore, plan to spend plenty of time with them if you get one.

Sphynx Cat

1. Sphynx Cat

If you want a non-shedding cat, why not just go for a cat without hair? This is exactly what you get with the Sphynx. They are naturally hairless and don’t shed at all because they don’t have any hair. Sphynx cats are medium-sized with a striking appearance of large ears and hairless, wrinkled skin. Although the sphynx is hairless, it makes up for it through its fascinating character. Sphynx cats are extremely loving and outgoing and will warm your heart in no time. You won’t find a cat that doesn’t shed like the Sphynx. According to Purina, they will need moderate care and grooming for their hairless bodies because they don’t have fur to absorb the natural oils produced by the body.

Bottom Line

The fact that we love cats doesn’t mean we all love cat hair. With any cat breed on this list, you will get the best of both worlds; a cat without a ton of shedding hairs. Whether you don’t want to have cat hair all over your things or are allergic to cat dander, it will be a win-win. Hopefully, you can now snuggle up with one of these low-shedding cats. Your furniture and sinuses will thank you.

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