The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Missouri

Adopting a Maine Coon is one way for interested individuals to get one of these cats. However, they also have the option of getting in touch with a Maine Coon breeder. Several catteries exist in Missouri.

On top of that, there are more in the neighboring states. As such, would-be Maine Coon breeders in Missouri have no shortage of options.

Here are 10 of the best Maine Coon breeders in Missouri:

10. Current River Maine Coons Cattery – Southern Missouri, MO

Current River Maine Coons Cattery is a small operation situated in the Ozarks. For those unfamiliar, that name refers to a mountainous region encompassing much of Northern Arkansas, most of Southern Missouri, and parts of other states.

As such, Current River Maine Coons Cattery is a convenient choice for people living in those places. The cattery says it prioritizes breeding towards the standard over other considerations. Those who share that opinion might want to choose it for that reason.

9. Midwest Euro Maine Coon Cattery – Trenton, MO

The Maine Coon came into existence in North America. However, interested individuals should know these cats are split into American and European bloodlines. The latter possess square-shaped muzzles and other physical differences that make them more appealing to some would-be cat owners.

As a result, it isn’t uncommon to see Maine Coon catteries advertising their cats by talking about their European bloodlines. Midwest Euro Maine Coon Cattery is a CFA-registered cattery serving as an excellent example of this trend.

8. Sugar Island Maine Coons – Squires, MO

Speaking of which, Sugar Island Maine Coons is another cattery that talks about its cats descending from European bloodlines. Specifically, it mentions their lineages coming from Ireland and Russia.

Besides this, it should be noted that Sugar Island Maine Coons is a TICA-registered cattery operating in a small, home-based environment. That makes its cats more familiar with living in households than otherwise possible, thus making for easier transitions to their eventual forever homes.

7. Tufts’N Ruff Maine Coons – Northwest Township, MO

Tufts’N Ruff Maine Coons traces its roots to before the turn of the millennium. As the story goes, the current owners were introduced to their first Maine Coon by the cattery’s previous owner in 1996.

Subsequently, they became more involved with these cats, so much so that they eventually took over the running of Tufts’N Ruff Maine Coons when their predecessor retired. Currently, the cattery focuses on breeding its cats to be the best of what Maine Coons are supposed to be.

That doesn’t just refer to their cats’ appearance. No, the statement of intent also covers their cats’ health and temperament.

6. Steele Cats – Kansas City, MO

Generally speaking, Maine Coon breeders are in it for the passion more than anything else. Steele Cats is no exception to this rule. Indeed, its founder talks about wanting to share the joy these cats have brought her with other people, which is the kind of attitude one would expect.

It seems safe to say that Steele Cats takes this mission seriously. It is CFA and TICA-registered. Moreover, every one of its cats is also registered with the same organizations. The cattery participates in cat shows held by CFA and TICA, thus giving it opportunities to prove its claims of excellence.

5. Reed’s Koonkats – Sheldon, MO

Reed’s Koonkats is a Cattery of Excellence registered with the CFA and TICA. It puts extra effort into ensuring its cats’ health and happiness. As such, the cattery tests and screens its parent cats for potential issues.

Similarly, it operates as a closed cattery, thus reducing the chances of infectious diseases spreading into its operations. That is an issue for people who want to see their Maine Coon breeder’s operations to gauge their trustworthiness.

Still, Reed’s Koonkats does offer interested individuals the chance to observe their kittens on live video, which isn’t a perfect substitute for a personal visit but should still be highly informative.

4. Paradise Paws Cattery – Jefferson City, MO

Once again, Paradise Paws Cattery is an example of an operation that got off the ground because of a Maine Coon lover’s enthusiasm. Like any reputable cat breeder, it continues to take an interest in its cats after they have been gone home to cat owners.

As a result, interested individuals should expect to sign a contract beforehand that will limit what they can and can’t do with their Maine Coon.

3. Leady Paw Maine Coons – St. Louis, MO

Leady Paw Maine Coons is a small cattery on the periphery of one of the region’s largest cities. It favors European bloodlines over their American counterparts. The cattery is registered with the CFA and TICA.

Moreover, it is one of the catteries on this list certified by Cat Kingpin, which should provide interested individuals with extra confidence in its claims.

2. Nucoonrizn – Central Missouri, MO

The couple behind Nucoonrizn became interested in cat shows in 2001. They researched their options before settling on a Maine Coon in 2003. Over time, the couple became more interested in cat shows, which led to them breeding their first Maine Coon litter in 2005.

Since then, Nucoonrizn has continued to focus on the relevant standards. Some of its cats have even managed to win prizes, thus serving as concrete evidence of the couple’s hard-earned expertise and experience.

1. Brushy Kreek Coons – Houston, MO

Brushy Kreek Coons is yet another cattery that offers Maine Coons descended from European bloodlines. Many cat breeders talk about prizing their cats’ looks, health, and temperament equally.

This one stands out by prioritizing their cats’ health over everything else. Moreover, it is willing to back up its boast by offering a seven-year health warranty for its kittens, which is unusually long in the industry.

Looks and temperament come after health for this cattery. Interested individuals shouldn’t interpret that to mean those two things are sacrificed, particularly since these things tend to go hand-in-hand with one another.

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