Why Should you Consider a Scottish Fold Cat?

Scottish Fold Cat

One of the strangest looking cats on the planet is the Scottish Fold Cat.  Although these felines are very cute they are often funny looking.  With their ears pinned down to their head they often look like they are surprised to see you.  The ears of the Scottish Fold Cat are always pointed forward due to a naturally occurring genetic mutation that these animals share.  Some might be taken back by their appearance but others seem to love the way these felines look.  In fact, this is a very popular breed and many people own them.  There are many breeders around the world that specialize in these animals.

What are some of the other Characteristics of These Animals?

The ears are definitely their most noticeable trait. These animals are also known for their loving demeanor.  If you have ever owned one of these cats you know what I am talking about.  When it comes to affection, these felines just can’t seem to get enough attention from their owners.  But the downside to this caring nature is the fact that they simply hate being alone.  They will often go into depression if left alone for several days.  So if you are thinking of owning one of these animals you are going to need to be prepared in taking them along with you if you go on vacation.  Their loyalty is compared to that of a dog and they seem to never want to be very far from their owner’s reach. Another characteristic is stubbornness which seems to come out when these animals don’t get what they want.  But with proper socialization and enough attention from the owner these felines make the perfect family pet.  They may be more prone to sit by their owner’s side. They also love to play and interact with other members of the family.

How About Health Related Problems?

The lifespan of these lovely animals is in upwards of 15 years.  But some health related issue may affect their longevity.  These animals are especially prone to kidney related issues such as polycystic kidney disease. So proper monitoring will have to be put into place in order to detect these problems in their early stages.  Also, some bone and joint issues may affect older animals so make sure to take them to the Vet for a yearly checkup. With a proper diet and some exercise along with monitoring, these felines can live a very long and happy life.

Image via Hideaki Kondo at Flickr.com

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