12 Cat Breeds That Many People Aren’t Aware Of


There are literally thousands of different types of cat breeds out there.   And when all is said and done we’re going to list, explain and provide pictures of every single one of them.  But until then we like to focus some of our articles on cat breeds that might hold some interest for everyone.  Today we’re going to focus on cat breeds that many people simply might not be aware of.  For those we’d categorize these felines as either being rare or having a unique characteristic that other cats might not possess.   In the pages to follow enjoy taking a look at these 12 cat breeds….

The American Curl Cat


Those ears are reason enough to be a little strange.  Hence the name “curl!”

The American Wirehair Cat


Apparently there are less than 30 registered cats of this type of breed.  A very wiry coat of hair and curly too!

Cornish Rex


Where most cats have three types of hair in their coats, Cornish Rex cats only have one — a fine downy coat that makes them kind of sphynx-like and somewhat strange.

Egyptian Mau Cats


You might notice the spotty coat of the Egyptian Mau but did you know their skin is spotted as well?

Kurilian Bobtail


This breed originates in the Kuril Islands, which are situated off the coasts of both Japan and Russia.

La Perm


The cat gets it’s name from the super curly hair it has.  Kind of sounds like the name of a band or movie right?

Manx Cat


They’re distinguished by their totally non-existent tails, which have a couple of funny stories associated with them. One says the Manx tail was caught in the door when Noah was filling the ark. The other says that Manx mothers bit the tails off their children to prevent invading Scandinavians from grabbing their tails.

Norwegian Forest Cat


These cats have some of the larger faces of the domestic cat.   They are obviously from Norway

Pixie Bob Cat


The Pixie Bob legend says that these cats were created when a bob cat mated with a house cat. Either way, they’re distinguished by their tiny little tail stubs.

Munchkin Cat


These cats remind me of a Dachsund dog.   The are known for their extremely short legs.

Snowshoe Cat


Snowshoe cats are known for their unusual face and paw markings.

Singapura Cat


Originally from Singapore, the singapura is noted for its large eyes and ears, brown ticked coat and blunt tail.

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