10 Things You Should Know About The Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe cat

Cats can make very loyal and lovable pets. They are always waiting for you when you get home and they love to snuggle when you are watching television. The best thing about cats is that they are very independent.

They clean themselves, they relieve themselves in a litter box, and you can even leave them alone for a few days as long as you provide adequate food and water. If you trying to figure out which breed of cat to adopt, you should consider the snowshoe cats.

1. They Are Unique

If you see a snowshoe cat, you will know it. It is very difficult to mistake this breed with another. These cats have bright blue eyes and a masked face. Most of them are white, beige, or tan. If you are looking for one of the cutest breeds of cat to adopt, the snowshoe cat is your best option.

2. He is a Pretty New Cat

The snowshoe cat is a relatively new breed. Unlike the Egyptian Mau, who has been around since ancient Egypt times, this cat has only been around since the early 1960’s. A woman from Philadelphia named Dorothy Hinds found three Siamese kittens with four white feet. She liked their colors and their feet so much that she decided to use these cats to develop a new breed. Eventually, the snowshoe cat was born.

3. The History of the Snowshoe Cat is Sketchy

The history of this adorable breed isn’t very well known because of the poor record keeping when the cat was first bred. After the breed started in the 1960’s and through the early 70’s, there was not much documentation. Only one breeder of this cat was registered by 1977. Things started picking up a few years later and better records were kept. By 1989, there were over 30 documented breeders of the snowshoe cat. Since then, it became a very popular breed who is very high in demand.

4. Different Personalities

The problem with snowshoe cats is that you cannot be sure what your particular cat will be like. Some are shy, some are social butterflies. You could get a cat who worries a lot and you can get one who is very caring. You can get a cat who loves attention or one who is a loner. Some of these cats do great with other cats and some don’t. Finally, some of these cats love children and some would rather live in a home full of adults. If you do adopt one of these cats, all you can do is hope that you got one with a good personality.

5. They Have Secret Coloring

When the snowshoe cat is first born, you will have no idea what color he is going to be, since they are all born white. After a few weeks after they are born, they will begin to develop their true colors.

6. They Are a Vocal Breed

The snowshoe cat is known for being very vocal. Like their Siamese ancestors, these cats are very talkative. They have no problem letting their owners know when they are happy, angry, sad, and when they need attention. They use soft, melodic voices, so it isn’t really a bad thing.

7. The Average Size of the Snowshoe Cat

A medium sized snowshoe cat weighs between 9 and 12 pounds. Typically, the female cat is smaller. She can weigh anywhere between 7 to 10 pounds. As long as they are not overfed, you don’t need to worry about the snowshoe cat getting too big. If your cat does start getting heavier than the average cat, you should consider putting him on a diet.

8. The Snowshoe Cat’s Health

Overall, the snowshoe cat is a healthy breed. Like any animal, these cats can have genetic health issues. While it is very rare, there are some genetic traits that are more common in the snowshoe cat, such as kinked tails and crossed eyes. If a genetic problem is what is keeping you from adopting one of these adorable cats, don’t worry. The chances of the cat developing a genetic are very slim.

9. Caring for the Snowshoe Cat

The snowshoe cat requires as much care as just about every other breed. It is a good idea to brush him at least once or twice a week. This will get rid of any dead, broken fur and it will also help to distribute the oils in the skin. It is these oils that keep his fur from breaking. It is important to brush your cat’s teeth once a day. If you cannot find the time to do that, you should do it at least once a week. Because cats clean themselves, you don’t need to worry about bathing your cat. If he falls into a mud puddle or gets very dirty while playing outisde, that would be the only time that you would need to give this cat a bath. This is a good thing because the snowshoe cat does not like water. They are actually afraid of it.

10. He is a Hot Commodity

While it is a good idea to keep your cat indoors to protect him from the elements, coyotes, dogs, and other predators, you also should keep him inside to keep him away from people. These cats are beautiful. If someone passing by sees this cat walking down the street or across a field on his own, they are likely to pick him up and keep them for themselves. If you want your cat to stay in your family, keep him in your house.

If you are struggling to keep your snowshoe cat inside, at least get him a GPS collar. They sell collars today that you can sync up to an app on your Smartphone. If you cannot find your cat, you would simply log onto the app and the map will show you exactly where he is.

If you want to adopt a sweet really good looking cat, you should consider adopting the snowshoe cat. They make wonderful companions and they will show you all the affection that you want.

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