15 Cats Who Could Beat You in a Staring Contest


Cats have a way with their eyes. They have a way of conveying absolutely no love and complete and utter distaste in on glance and sheer joy in another. Who even understands cats? They can take care of themselves, but they need you to feed them. They don’t treat you any better for doing it, either. Cats are strange creatures, and they have a serious starting problem. Take these 15 cats, for example, and see exactly what it is we mean. They will stare you down and make you feel as if you are going to lose to them. How do these cats make the competition so real?

Photo by Getty Images

You can’t look away even if you want to look away. My eyes are this blue so that I can distract you and put you to my bidding. I own you. Do you understand me? I will not look away first, minion. 


Photo by Imgur

There is a chance I could have you for breakfast. But then I’d have no one to bring me breakfast tomorrow. You live for one more day, human. 


Photo by epsos.de

Stop staring at me. Tell your friends to stop staring at me. I’m not a piece of meat. I am beautiful. 


Photo by catster

These are my crazy eyes, and I’m not afraid to use them. Back slowly away from the food on the table and I will not go all kinds of cat crazy on you. 


Photo by Stuffpoint

I have no intention of looking away, so go ahead. You’ll never win, anyhow. I’m better than you. 


Photo by petmeds

All. Day. Long. That’s how long I can stare at you like this. All day. Best of luck. 


Photo by vetstreet

I hate you. I will win. You are the bane of my existence and I will stare you down and regain some of my power and control. Look away, now. 


Photo by Sergio saenz

Nothing you do impresses me. No, it just makes me loathe you more. See my sneering lip? I’ve perfected it to a point that younly wish you could accomplish. Good luck with life, fool. 


Photo by Imgur

Keep looking and I’ll attack. You do look a little bit delicious. 


Photo by Instagram

I love you, human. You are wonderful and you feed me and I will stay here and love you forever and ever. Please don’t stop loving me. 


Photo by Flickr

Imbeciles. All of you. 


Photo by Tumblr

Why are you in here interrupting my nap? What are you doing just sitting there with a camera? Go away. What’s that smell? 


Photo by reddit

I will kill you in your sleep for this. You will not see it coming. You won’t know when, but it will happen. I hate you. 


Photo by reddit

What? Do you have a problem with interracial feline relationships? Because we can handle you. 


Photo by imgur

Hey. This is nice. Don’t ever stop. Let’s just lie here all day long and enjoy one another. I love you. You’re my soul mate. 


Photo by Imgur 

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