The 20 Most Adorable Cat Breeds as Kittens


There are few things in life as adorable as a kitten. In fact, even most human babies aren’t as cute as kittens (not that we don’t love our human babies more than life itself, but they’re certainly not fuzzy). There’s just something about an adorable kitten. Perhaps it’s the way that these small animals fit right into the palm of your hand, or the way that they are just so sweet. Whatever it is, they are hard to resist and many families know it. But not every kitten, cute as it might be, can even hold a candle to the adorable, sweet, beautiful creatures that these particular breeds produce in terms of kittens. Read on to find out which 10 breeds have the most gorgeous kittens around.

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When you have a cat this pretty as an adult, what do you expect from its kittens? They are small, sweet and absolutely perfect. These might be, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful cats in the world, and it’s so easy to see why people fall so madly in love with them once you see just how adorable their little babies really are. The good news, too, is that they are just as adorable grown up as they are when they are brand new.

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With its unique coloring and lovely face, it’s easy to see why people love this cat. The only thing that people don’t say about this cat is that it’s adorable. It’s more of a lovely cat than something you consider sweet and cuddly. But just wait until you see the kittens in the Siamese family. They are the epitome of adorable, cuddly and sweet. Good luck not seeing these and wanting a half dozen of them to bring home for yourself.

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This is such an exotic cat, and it can be quite large. It looks more like something that belongs in a South American or African jungle than something you’d see in a house in the suburbs, but it’s a hybrid cat that has some seriously beautiful features. The kittens are just so sweet that you cannot resist them, which is how so many people end up with one of their own at home despite their best efforts not to come home with yet another household pet.

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Beautiful with their lovely coat and striking faces, these are cats that have so much to offer. They’re among the most beautiful cats in the world, and for a very good reason. They’re lovely. But wait until you see a Persian kitten. If you’re not already melted completely, you’re going to be before long. These adorable kittens look like little balls of fluff just dying to spend time in your hands, cuddling with you. The truth is that you just never want this particular kitten to grow up.

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You either love it or you hate it; there is very little in between when it comes to the ‘hairless’ cat. But no matter where you stand on the unique appearance of this lovely animal, we can assure you that you definitely will think that the kitten Sphynx is sweet. It might not have much going on in the hair department, but it’s so sweet with its big eyes and big ears that we just don’t care what it’s going to look like one day.

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devon rex

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is certainly a unique cat with a very unique look. Few people would call them gorgeous the same way they would a Persian, or adorable the same way that they might a Scottish Fold, but there is something so appealing about this particular cat. When still in the kitten phase, it’s just the sweetest little thing you’ve ever seen. Kind of awkward and not quite right, it’s just perfect. I can’t get over how cute this kitten is.

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Munchkins are cats that look like babies forever. They’re short with their inability to grow very large. Their legs remain small and they tend to keep that look of a kitten on their face throughout their entire life. Of course, there is nothing more adorable than a munchkin kitten, all tiny and sweet. The kittens are also a bit more proportionate, too, with their short legs and still tiny bodies. They are just so sweet.

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scottish fold kitten

Scottish Fold

Did you know that not all cats considered Scottish Fold’s have folded ears? It’s something that only happens to a few kittens from each breed, and it’s unknown right away how many and which kittens will have this issue for the rest of their lives. Either way, though, they’re gorgeous, and this is a cat that makes one adorable kitten. We’d take them all in if we didn’t have kids and another cat and a life and stuff. I could see hundreds of these in my house, cute and sweet. I’d be the crazy cat lady for these kittens.

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maine coon kittens

Maine Coon

This is one big cat. I mean, this is a cat that grows to sizes that just seem a bit unreal, often coming in bigger than your kids. But they’re gorgeous. They look as if they might be a distant cousin of the lion (and who says they aren’t? Other than experts, of course) with their gorgeous ruff. But despite their huge and impressive size, these cats start off just as small as any other, all tiny and adorable. But because this breed has such a fluffy coat, the kittens are particularly adorable. We want them all.

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The Bengal is a breed I’m obsessed with. And no, I don’t have one of my own. But how can you not go crazy when you see something that looks so much like an exotic animal just lounging on someone’s couch? Growing up I always wanted a tiger of my own, and it seems like this would be the closest thing to actually having one. And have you seen their kittens? Can you say gorgeous? Because that is precisely what these cats are; gorgeous. We cannot even help it.

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exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

This adorable little kitten is the all white cat in the photo, and he is just so sweet you want to take him home right now. He’s got a little friend with him that is also sweet, but we are focusing on the exotic shorthair. Which, by the way, is not nearly as exotic as it sounds; the name is a bit deceiving. While beautiful, it’s not a cat that is difficult to find. The name exotic does make it sound that difficult, though. Either way, we want one now.

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These cats are so gorgeous as adults that it comes as no surprise that they are completely amazing as kittens, too. With those eyes, who wouldn’t want one of their own? Even the person firmly against a cat is going to take one look at this sweetie and immediately change his or her mind so that the family ends up taking this cutie home. And who can blame them? It’s a sweet cat.

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american shorthair

American Shorthair

It’s one of the most common pets in the world, but this breed is so adorable. The kitten version of it just looks so sweet and so playful. This is the kitten that reminds you of your childhood first pet. It’s the one you raised after promising your mom and dad you would, and it is the sweetest little thing you’ve ever seen. We get it; it’s cute and you’re going to love this kitten. We all do.

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The Abyssinian is a cat breed that is simply beautiful. It has a very exotic look and it’s not one you might see in just any old household. This is not a breed that’s easy to find at the shelter and adopt for a small fee. This gorgeous cat is one you will find when you head to the breeder who breeds them, wait on a list and eventually pay a lot of money to bring home. But as you can see by the exotic nature of this little kitten, it’s one that’s well worth that fee and that wait. And it grows into a beautiful cat, as well.

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russian blue

Russian Blue

If ever there was a cat with a more beautiful coat, we’d ask that you let us know. This soft, supple coat in this gorgeous shade of blue is so unique and so beautiful that you cannot help but fall madly in love with this kitten. Just look at his little face and try and deny the fact that you already feel as if you love the cat. It is not possible. This is a cat that you already love and adore, and it’s one that you already want to bring home. Good luck. The waiting lists for these kittens are quite long in most areas of the country.

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So sleek and smooth, this is a kitten that is just a small idea of what your cat is going to grow into. This gorgeous cat is one that looks so exotic that you’re the only one that has one, and you might be right. The breed is very common in some places, and almost unheard of in others. What makes it particularly lovely is its gorgeous coat, and it’s one that is so sweet and adorable that you’ll want more than one. The good news is that it’s also a very loving and affectionate cat, too.

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Exotic is the middle name of this gorgeous beauty. Just look at how sweet this kitten is and try to deny that it absolutely belongs on this list. It’s another breed that you might not feel you are familiar with, but it’s a safe bet that you know someone who has one. Most people just don’t talk about their cat breeds the same way that people discuss their dog breeds, and it’s because they are just more into loving their kittens than they are talking about where they came from. Also, people don’t typically ask.

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This is a kitten that is so adorable you just want to squeeze it. But don’t. For one, that wouldn’t be nice. Secondly, these cats are talkers that like to let you know how they are feeling. If they’re not feeling your squeeze, you’re going to hear about it for the next little while since this is such a loud and opinionated little one. The truth is that it’s not going to matter, however, since this cat is so sweet you won’t even care if it spends all day talking to you about the weather or anything else on its mind. That’s good; because it probably will.

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This is a breed not many people are familiar with, but we bet they will become familiar with as time goes on. It’s called a Toyger because, well, it looks like a tiny tiger. It’s so beautiful and so unique looking that people go crazy for these. The waiting lists are insane, and the adult version is just as beautiful as the kitten. Imagine having a pet that looks like the animals you see and love at the zoo. That is essentially what people love about this particular breed, and it’s what we think you will love about this breed, too.

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pixie bob

Pixie Bob

A cat that has a fun name and a sweet face is a win-win all the way around. It’s hard not to love and adore this sweet cat with a face like this. Just look at this kitten and tell us you aren’t completely in love already. We will try to believe you if you deny it, but we don’t actually. The Pixie Bob is a great cat all around, if you care about the personality further than just the sweet face. It’s one that has a calm demeanor and a great temperament, and that makes it one of the most loving cats you’ll find. Many people who buy these or find one to adopt are hooked on the breed for life, which is just not unusual.

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