20 Cat Breeds Only Made In America

maine coon

Isn’t anything that’s made in America better than things that are not made here? Well, I’m going to go ahead and say no, not in every case. But that’s not true of cat breeds. There are some very cool cat breeds that have been developed right here in the United States that are among the prettiest, smartest and most fun pets to have around. We have to take credit for some of the most interesting looking cats in the world, as well as some of the biggest cats around. Read on to find out which cats were made right here in America.

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maine coon

Maine Coon

There is a part of me that wishes this was the Texas Coon, since I could make a statement about everything being bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, this cat has nothing to do with Texas and everything to do with Maine. It’s one of the biggest cats in the world, and it has a mean coat. Its coat is designed to keep the cat warm in those frigid winters, and it’s a very striking animal. Fun and friendly, its size intimidates, but it shouldn’t. One fun fact, too, about this breed is that no one really knows how it was created, where it came from and how it came to Maine. It re”Maines” a mystery.

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american bobtail

American Bobtail

This is a typical American breed, if its name doesn’t already imply just how American it is. Created back in the 1960s, the breed is the result of a spontaneous mutation that caused the breed to be born. Some people like to say that it’s the mixture of a typical housecat and a bob cat, but it is not. This is just a fun story people tell when they don’t know the real story – or find it to humdrum – and assume that it got the name for a reason. It’s a fun cat with a big personality and a very friendly nature.

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This is a small breed that was once passed off as a cat from Singapore. The original owners likely tried to claim that their cats came from Singapore, though they were really American cats selectively bred to create a unique cat that would gain a lot of attention and likely become a big business as far as breeding is concerned. Their plan backfired on them, however, when it was discovered that the cat’s papers were not real and that the cat was not from Singapore. It’s just an everyday American cat.

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When this breed was created in the 1980s, it was done by breeding Servals with domestic cats. The result is this very large and exotic looking breed. For a long time, it was difficult to find one with an appropriate temperament for a house cat. However, as the years wore on, the breed began to calm down and become a lot friendlier and easier to live with. The good news for those who love a large and beautiful cat such as this is that it’s now a very domesticated cat with a great personality. It’s perfect for those looking for a cat with these looks.

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This sweet breed is not one that just anyone is willing to take on. The breed has a genetic mutation that creates abnormally short legs on the cat, so it looks small its entire life. The thing about this breed, however, is that it’s one that has a number of health problems. Attempting to live life on very small legs is not all it is cracked up to be, so these cats are often treated for a number of health issues that cause concerns for munchkin owners. Fortunately, they’re cute, lovable and a lot of fun.

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When I hear this cat name, I immediately want a cup of coffee. But that has nothing to do with the cat. This is actually an Oriental cat with a long coat, which is not recognized by cat associations as an Oriental, so a new breed was formed. This is a gorgeous cat with a very playful and fun personality, and people very much enjoy having this particular cat around. It’s fanciful and fun, and it does have many great features that make it a very upstanding pet to have with families of any nature.

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selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex

Back in the late 1980s, a stray cat gave birth to a cat that looks like a Rex with long hair. Not only does the cat have long hair, it also has very curly hair. From there, the new kitten was raised and selectively bred to keep this kind of appearance up, and it worked wonderfully. This is a very popular breed that people enjoy, and that’s because it’s part of the Rex family, which is known for its intelligent and friendly cats. But what people like most about this one is that it has such long and curly hair.

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exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

Do not let the name fool you; it’s not even remotely exotic. It was actually created by breeders to add a little bit of perfection to the everyday American shorthair, but it didn’t work out for that particular breed. That’s how this particular breed was born. The exotic shorthair is a cat that was created by breeding a Persian cat with an American shorthair. It did not turn out how breeders assumed that it might, but the cat that did result is so stunning that no one really cared that their original plan did not work out as planned.

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This very American cat was created by a breeder who wanted a cat that had a very gentle but very social personality. What she got was the ragdoll, which met all of her requirements and needs. And what she really ended up with is a cat with a cool name. The breed is called Ragdoll because it is known for becoming completely limp in the arms of anyone willing to pick it up – just like a ragdoll. The name personifies this cat to a tee, and that’s why people love it so.

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It sounds more exotic than it really is. What you have here is a version of a Persian (and yes, we are poets and didn’t know it) created by the fine people at Harvard University nearly a century ago. The cat fancy wanted a new breed, and Harvard engineers began working on that. However, it was still some time before this breed was noticed and recognized by the associations. It’s a beautiful cat, and though it is named after mountains in another country, it has nothing to do with those mountains or that particular region of the world.

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This is a cat no one really considers American, especially since it was created by breeding a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat. It’s very exotic and beautiful, and that is why so many people assume it was created elsewhere. This breed, however, was created and perfected in America. It is a calm and very sweet cat despite the fact that it looks like something that was created in the wild and should still live there.

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It might sound like this is a breed from elsewhere, Bali, perhaps; but it’s not. This is a cat that is actually a descendent of the Siamese, but its long coat means that it’s not able to be considered a Siamese cat. It was when an American woman decided to take it upon herself to create this cat as a longhair breed and that’s how it came about. This breed is particularly interesting in that it does have a very unique look, and people assume automatically that it is a very exotic cat not from the states.

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american shorthair

American Shorthair

This breed was developed in the USA, but it’s been said that the ancestors of this breed came over from Europe many years ago. But because of selective breeding and creation, it’s considered an American-born cat. It has a lively personality and it’s very sweet. Be careful, though; this breed is very playful and can keep you on your toes on a regular basis. They are very watchful and they like to sit on the window sills and by doors to keep an eye on the outside surroundings.

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This gorgeous black cat looks like something special. It’s an American made cat created by breeding a domestic cat with a Burmese cat, and the result is absolutely stunning. With a beautiful black coat and gorgeous eyes, this cat loves attention. It is not one that does overly well when left alone for long periods of time. It’s an American cat, but you could say that it’s a bit of a high-maintenance, needy cat that does require a bit of attention and a lot more care than other breeds that people love so much.

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american curl

American Curl

Back in the early 1980s, two stray cats with curled ears were found in Southern California. The cats seemed to have what is referred to as a spontaneous mutation and they were then purposely bred to create the breed. It looks like your every day domestic cat with the exception of its notably curled ears. It’s a breed with a very sweet disposition and a lovely personality, and that’s what makes people love it so much. What a darling cat, and it’s all American.

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american longhair

American Longhair

This particular cat doesn’t really have much of a family. It’s the kind of cat that was created by a vast mixture of many different breeds over time. It’s a general breed not officially recognized, but still recognized. It’s cute, though, and many people have one of their own at home, which is what makes it such a popular breed. Originating in the states is what made this cat an American cat, despite the fact that no one recognizes it.

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american wirehair

American Wirehair

If you look to this cat’s name, you will better understand the cat itself. This is a cat that has a very hard, very wire-like coat. It’s not soft. It’s not cuddly, and it’s not the kind of cat you might envision as the ‘typical’ cat. But it was made in America, as so many things are, and that’s where it lands on the list. Even though it’s not the most cuddly cat around, it is a cat that has a very unique personality, a very distinct coat and a friendly nature. That makes it quite the popular breed in America.

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It’s a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin, and people love this cat. It’s got the same look as a Minskin, but it’s a different type of cat that was created in America. It’s friendly and sweet, but it is prone to some serious health issues that are often associated with cats that have very short legs. This is an interesting cat, and people do enjoy it, though it’s the kind of breed that typically results in a very love/hate relationship with most.

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This lovely black cat has a long coat and a very friendly personality. It’s almost a shame that so many people buy into the fact that this particular breed is so scary and ‘magical’ thanks to the Salem Witches and whatnot. Whatever makes people think that blacks cats are bad luck, typically stories passed down from generation to generation, sometimes means that people are terrified of this sweet cat, and for no good reason. It’s got a great personality, and it’s not been proven yet that anyone has bad luck thanks to this sweet breed.

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You can thank breeders of ocicats and Bengals for this amazing breed. It’s gorgeous. It has the most amazing coat you will ever encounter, it has a wonderful personality, and it’s truly the most unique looking cat we’ve ever laid eyes upon. It’s cool in a way that has me wanting one right now, even though I am absolutely not in the market for any more pets.

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